Thursday, May 7, 2015

Liebster Award Nomination

Since this blog is a little baby blog, one of my favorite things is when I get a comment. It means that whether on accident or on purpose, someone saw something of interest and not only that, but they took a moment out of their day to say that they liked something. It always gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to send out internet love to those people. Now, to make things even better there is something called the Liebster Award that helps small blogs gain more attention which I think is a lovely thought. We could all use new internet friends.

I have been nominated by the blog IKurate who compile recaps, first impressions, and reviews of different dramas. This is something I am always in need of when I am writing something about a drama and I am missing a picture that I want. Thank you recappers who are better at taking screen shots than I am! I also really like their blog lay put. It's easy use and it's pretty. What more could a person want?

When you are nominated, the person doing the nominating gives the nominee eleven questions, so without further ado, let's answer those questions!

1. What is your favorite song from a Kdrama OST?

I am the worst when it comes to this. I will hear a song and think "oh that's nice/awesome/powerful" but never actually look into it. I thought that Arang and the Magistrate had a great OST, Padam Padam also had a great soundtrack. As of recently though, I bought the first song off the Kill Me, Heal Me OST because that song is amazing.

2. What is you favorite setting of a Kdrama?

I feel like this is a weird question, but I like pretty settings to be generic as physically possible. To be more specific, one reason that I enjoy watching sageuks so much is because 9 times out of 10, the setting is gorgeous. There are no buildings in the way, there are no cars, there is only the scenery and the gorgeous old buildings. 

3. Which Kdrama couple do you think has the most chemistry (doesn't have to be an OTP)?

My new favorite Kdrama is (and may forever be) are the OTP from Healer Young Shin and Jeong Hoo. I have plenty of other favorite OTPs, but the reason that they stick out in my mind is because those two actually spoke to each other. They treated each other like adults rather than children and because of that they were able to get so much more done in the story because they didn't waste time of stupid conflicts. They also had really good cuddles.

4. Which Kdrama character would you like to go on a vacation with?

I had no idea who I wanted to go on vacation with at first. Who do I like enough that I would want to spent vacation time with? Then as I was scrolling through the list I keep of dramas that I had seen I had a great idea: I want to go on vacation with the Joseon Power Ranger! Minus Yoocheon though. Sorry.

I think that this would be the perfect traveling group. Man Bo would be able to help plan everything, Yong Sool would make sure you were safe the whole time, and Chi San would go shopping with you. It's perfect.

5. Which Kdrama character do you think has the best wardrobe? 

You know who doesn't have the best wardrobe? Kim Tan from Heirs. I do actually quite like a lot of the outfits that Yoon Eun Hye wears in Goong, but to keep it modern I have to say Cheon Song Yi in My Love from Another Star, because dang she looked good.

6. Which Kdrama have you laughed the most with? 

I'm a little stuck between Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Modern Farmer with this one. Both have some seriously over the top funny moments whether it be the toilet jokes that are sprinkled throughout Ramyun Shop or the general insanity in the lives of the people at Hardurokri. 

7. Which Kdrama have you cried the most with?

I don't think that a Kdrama has really made me cry to the point of pausing because I can't read the subtitles. I tend to steer away from hard core melodramas that are going to make me hate my life. I think that I can comfortably pick Padam Padam after some thought though. This drama hits you in all the right places and tugs at all your heart strings and even when you think that you will end the drama with tears of sadness, you end up crying tears of joy from the beauty of what was created. Was that corny? Maybe. I can deal with that, I adore this drama.  

8. How did you come up with the name of your blog?

You could read about it in the About Me section, but the TL;DR version is the first drama we watched together as a group was Boys Over Flowers where there is the F4 plus Jan Di. Our group was four girls and a boy, thus a reverse F4 situation so we are the F4Plus1. We have lost and gained members, but we will always be an F4Plus1.

9. Which one of you blog posts are you most proud of?

The blog posts that I am most proud of are probably the K-pop reviews that I rewrote the music video "story". It has been a while since I had some good material to work with but my favorite rewrites are SHINee's "Why So Serious" and B1A4's "What's Happening". Give me more weird videos K-pop! 

10. Which Kdrama would you have never wanted to end?

I could have watched Modern Farmer forever. All the characters felt so real and after watching the drama I wanted to go live in Hadurokri with the rest of the villagers and take part in their shenanigans for the rest of my life. 

11. Pick a DBSK song!

I hate this questions because while I don't hate DBSK, they are not a group I enjoy. They are good, but they aren't for me.

And there you have it! All questions answered! I do feel bad that I can't continue this bad boy. To fulfill the award, the person in question is suppose to tag 11 other blogs with under 200 followers and give them 11 new questions. Unfortunately I don't know 11 other people. Maybe that can be a blog goal in this new year. Make friends with other bloggers. Challenge accepted!

~ Alora

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