Monday, May 18, 2015

Orange Marmalade First Impressions

Yeo Jin Goo makes me mad. There I said it. He makes me mad. Why you ask? Because he's super talented and has a beautiful voice and yet he's jailbate. He's a few months younger than my sister. He could literally be my younger sibling.

When I heard about this drama it sounded cute enough even though I am not the biggest vampire fan. I don't have anything against vampires, it's just that they are so hyped that I have kind of lost what little interest I had in them. You better believe that I am waiting with bated breath for Scholar Who Walks the Night to begin though. I watched Iljimae for Lee Joon Ki, very few things could be worse that that.

The reason why I decided to give this drama a chance is because the premise of this story reminded me of a manga I like called Millennium Snow and my before mentioned pedo-noona love of Yeo Jin Goo. He was also in Iljimae for that matter. Don't watch that drama. Don't do it!

The story is simple enough, the drama takes place in a world that vampires and humans live together but the vampires live in hiding in fear of persecution; so a similar situation to X-Men. With that knowledge we meet Baek Ma Ri, a vampire who just wants to go to high school and be as normal as possible. On the other side is Jung Jae Min, the class president who everyone is in love with. He's kind of in love with himself too for that matter. He fist bumps himself in the shower and says "You're cool." Why do the men in Korea dramas always have mirrors in their showers?

This would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship except for one problem, Jae Min hate vampires. We don't why yet, but it seems really deep seated and I'm sure that it will not be something that he will be able to overcome easily.

The vampires have taken care of their of their vampire needs pretty well in this world but as Ma Ri and Jae Min are around each other quite often Ma Ri is finding herself drawn to Jae Min, specifically to his neck. He has a lovely scent and she has almost bitten him twice now, once when she was sleeping and once when she was delirious from hunger.

I am tempted to read the manwah right now but don't know if I would rather wait until the drama is over with before I begin. No matter what I choose, I am liking this drama so far. It has the vampire intimacy that one would expect from this genre but it also is cut with cute awkward high school romance. I hope that the drama can keep this nice balance going because I have a feeling that this drama could take a quick right turn into doom and gloom territory.

No matter what happens I loved the first two episodes and I am a little depressed that this is only a once a week drama. The chemistry between Yeo Jin Goo and Seolhyn is great and the other actors are also doing well thus far. I also have decided that I would love to see Millennium Snow made into a drama. Who want to make that happen? 

~ Alora

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