Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Angry Mom Drama Review

Verdict: This drama is awesome and you should go watch it.

Going in to this drama I expected a lot of funny and while it was quite fun, it was also very dark and at first I was a little taken aback, but by the end I loved it. This is one of those dramas that even though it had a silly premise, it did have moments that struck close to home.

In school people are bullied and in life the people that are suppose to keep us safe are the ones that are actually putting us in danger. That is a horrible thing to say, I know, but it is unfortunately true. This dramas whole premise was about corrupt leaders and if the little man gather other little men there is a chance for change to be made. Even with that collective movement, victory is not always 100%.

Going back to the little man, I loved that our Angry Mom by the end of the drama became Angry Moms. On their own they were scared but when they came together they were a force to be reckoned with and it was kind of inspiring. Fight the power!

Our angry moms would be nothing without our Angry Mom though played by Kim Hee Seon. I have never seen her in a drama before but she did an amazing job as Jo Kang Ja. Kang Ja was a mother at the base of her entire being, She saw that there was a problem with her daughter but then also adopted a few other students while at school. Then, once she had her family, whether it was through blood or choice, she protected that person until the end. She was the main character here, but the whole cast was amazing.

It was heart breaking watching A Ran struggle between what is right and protecting those she loved; Park No Ah struggling to be the best teacher that he could be; Do Jeong Woo being evil the whole time yet also making you feel bad for him; Gong Joo and her princess outfits and her little brothers and their fabulous hair; and most importantly Bok Dong. I hope that after this drama Ji Soo can be offered all the parts so I can watch him do something else. Kim Woo Bin's bad boy with a soft side has some new competition.

Seriously, look at his face. His puppy love was one of the greatest things of the drama.

This drama also managed to have a really good ending. It was the type of ending that left a lot of things open for interpretation. Our heroes have new makeshift families with incredible bonds and will continue to fight the corruption until their end. This drama didn't end with a big sparkly double knotted bow. There are still bad things in the world and because of what these kids have seen, they have dreams to help continue the fight in the future.

Because Kang Ja was crazy enough to pretend to be a high school student a lot of change was made both on a large scale and a small scale. She wanted to save one person and she ended up saving countless people and it was because she was an angry mom.

~ Alora

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