Friday, May 1, 2015

BIGBANG Bae Bae MV Review

I hate the word bae.

And almost three years later, we get a BIGBANG comeback. They are ready to take over too what with their MV schedule that's going to be happening. But, YG also said that 2NE1 were also going to do this one video a month thing a few years ago and we all know how that went down. It didn't.

I remembered this morning that the video came out and I watched it and I didn't love the song at first. In retrospect, I think I wasn't sure how I felt about the song because I was trying to figure out what the heck I had just watched  Now that I have listened to the song a little more I do like it. The song has a floatiness to it which is kind of fun and it adds to the weirdness of the video.

Another thing that I wasn't so fond of at first is that they weren't singing together until the end. HEck, they weren't even in the same room! This made me remember a video I once watched of non K-pop fans reacting to "Fantastic Baby" and they said that watching the video made them feel like they were watching a group made up of soloists. They didn't even know how right they were.

As for the video, since there is a lot happening in a short amount of time I thought I would do a play-by-play of my thoughts as I watched.

Are we sure that this is a BIGBANG video and not a GD comeback? Where the heck is everybody and did GD say the "N" word or the Korean word naega?

I'm on a horse. I also hope those lips rings aren't permanent. Also, what is happening with your hair?

Ah, yes. Flower symbolism. I do believe someone is having sex.

And that kids is how babies are made.

I love Daesung, but because I recently saw the play CATS, when I see Daesung, all I can think of is this.

That sass.

Who thought this was a good idea?! Who?! His skin, hair, and the background are all the same color! No! Also, Seungri would sing the bridge. He practically always does.

He also always has his face in some one's boobs or is getting felt up in some way (Fantastic Baby).

And now we're at an interstellar Gaebang because why not. Nothing else has made a lot of sense here. 

You do you BIGABNG

~ Alora

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