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EXO-K Overdose MV Review

How's the song? 

Wow! It feels like I haven't done one of these in forever! For good reason though what with the ferry tragedy. It would have been way wrong if people were still out promoting and acting like nothing was happening. This is also going to throw a huge wrench into a lot of companies scheduling too. Companies would want to release songs at a time when there isn't a lot of competition you would think, but now there is going to be a tidal wave of comebacks: 1. because it is summer and that is the time to release things and 2. there have been a lot of groups, both ones we know, and probably ones we don't know, who postponed.

I think that this is our first postponed release though and it's pretty good.

As a whole, I really like this song. SM has done a really good job this year with the music that they have put out. I didn't really like SuJu M's song but SM is not messing around this year. There have been four come backs so far and we all know that SuJu is making a come back later this year and SM basically owns We Got Married - Global. I hope they are able to keep up this really strong place that they are making for themselves this year.  

One of my favorite parts of this song was actually the rap which is not always the case, especially when it comes to SM. Let's all be honest, SM is not here to give us rappers. That's not to say that there aren't any, but come on. When Chanyeol came in with that growl though, I was immediately in love and wanted to listen to it forever. Seriously, when he begins his rap I often rewind that part and listen to it a few time because he does come in really strong and it's kind of sexy and I do not say that about anything really. What is happening to me?

Something that is also different from the norm is that I think that I like Chinese version of this song better than the Korean. For me, when songs are released in Korean and Chinese I normally gravitate to Korean if it's a Korean group. If the song is suppose to be in Chinese, like Super Junior M, then I like the Chinese version better. I consider EXO to be a Korean group though so that is what I tend to like more. Something about the Chinese version is kind of awesome though. It almost sounds like the song was written for Chinese lyrics and then translated into Korean. Chanyeol's rap is still the best thing ever though. Sorry, Kris.  

Something that did confuse me with this song is that I thought that EXO was going to be promoting as K and M this time not as a full group, but then they sang together. This does not feel like two separate groups, this was like an extension of Growl. I was expecting two groups in two videos, no interaction or maybe something like what they did when the debuted. Not that it was bad, it just threw me off a little. 

How's the video? 

Remember that drunk camera man that shot Super Junior's "A-cha" music video? I think he's back and this time he is only slightly inebriated instead of all out drunk. Something else that SM is doing that I find annoying is that instead of zooming the camera in while filming, they are zooming in during editing and that makes for fuzzy shots. They did this in "Swing" as well and I would like it if they stopped. 

I also definitely could have done without that intro. Anyone with me? It was over dramatic and I didn't feel like it added anything to the rest of the video, mostly because the video itself didn't have a story either. It they had incorporated the dramatic/sexy/posing session in the maze shaped sandbox into the video it would have been better. How would they have done that? I have no idea.

One more thing that left me scratching my head and wondering what the heck just happened was this moment:

Why is this happening? The only reason that I can think of is that they wanted to get these two up close and personal with the camera, but couldn't you have done it in a less weird way?

Also in this video we get the usual SM box sets. These sets are new though, so there is that. I'm pretty sure the set designer was watching Coraline while he was sketching though because when this set came up, I kept waiting for the Other Mother to pop out and sew buttons onto EXO's eyes.

How's the styling? 

Let me preface this by saying, I have a lot to say about the fashion choices in this video. A lot. 

There are two costumes in this video and one is okay and one is super not okay. Can you guess which one is which? Here's a clue, the bad one involves head wear. Seriously, who decided that EXO was going to try to make bucket hats cool? Because the 90s called and they don't event want those hats back.

Even though I didn't like these outfits as much as I liked the suits some of the members were rocking their 90s hip hop look (I might say they were even hep hap. Anyone? Anyone?) I think the member that was rocking it the most was Suho. He didn't look like he was going to kill anyone like he did in his teaser picture, but he was still rocking it.

There was also a lot of blonde in this video, with Suho, Kai, and Tao being totally bleached and Kris a strawberry blonde and Xiumin was a light pink. Yes it's not blonde, but it's a very light color so I'm counting it. Out of all the light hair colors, my favorite is Suho because apparently I have a thing for Suho in this video. He looked mighty fine with that bleach blonde hair. I approve. Only when he looked like he had been electrocuted though, not in the beginning when he had that middle part. Middle parts are friends with very few people and Suho is not one of them.

There was also a lot of make up in this video and most of it was sitting on Kai and Luhan's face. Someone's been in Baekhyn's makeup box I see.

With the exception of Suho I have basically laughed at every styling choice in the video so here is something good.

Xiumin was in the back a lot of the time but I kept getting distracted by his arms. He's been working out and you can see it. SM obviously wants all the fans to notice as well since Xiumin was the only member who didn't have sleeves. Seriously, if you haven't already go back and watch the videos and just stare at his arms.

Is the dance super amazing? 

Let's talk about that beginning pose for a moment. I'm thinking that they were going for the EXO symbol there and it was equal parts weird and awesome. What I really want to mention though is the way they did it in M. We go through the tunnel to the soloist and then to the two singers, okay, cool. In K it was Sehun and he did a good job, he's a dancer, but for M they chose........Kris. Quite possibly one of the most, if not the most, awkward member of M.

It does make sense when you think about it though. He wasn't going to be part of the singing duo and it was probably better for him to be on his own then to try to balance himself and others. It was the only option and they had to give it to him. What is a little awkwardness when there could be lives on the line, right?

I'm not really feeling the "Ewoks Playing the Drums on Storm Trooper Helmets" move either. I just find it weird. I also captured a pretty great face being made by Chanyeol in that screen shot.

Which member owned it? 

I didn't feel that there was one particular person who shone above everyone else. That would definitely be a feat with eleven other members dancing around you. In the category of people I wish got more screen time, that is a different story. Xiumin often gets the shorter end of the stick in videos and that's too bad.

I think that Xiumin sits in the middle ground in the group. He can sing, dance, and rap but he is not the best at any one of them. He's like Sungmin in Super Junior. A strong member but there are others in the group who are stronger who get parts first.

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

No, actually. Shocking, I know, for an SM song. I heard all the English and even though I haven't looked at translated lyrics, they seem to make sense. Look at you go SM. keep it up.

Congratulations on making it to the end of the post! Maybe it's because I haven't written a MV review in a while but this was a long one. If you were here in front of me I would give you a cookie.

~ Alora

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