Friday, May 23, 2014

Hongbin - VooDoo Doll Doll

Hongbin is the visual, or "artwork", of the boy band VIXX and I thought that it would be appropriate to post this since they are going to have a comeback on Tuesday! Yay!

I made this Hongbin doll as I was pumping dolls out when I was considering making an Etsy account. I knew that I wanted to make a VooDoo era doll because I thought that the clothes were really cool with all the exposed stitching; and as we know, if there is one thing that I like, it detailing that will make me blind.

Unfortunately, you can't see all of it in the picture, but trust me, it's cool looking. Something cool that you can see though is the little voodoo doll that I made for Hongbin. I tried to copy it as much as possible from all the promotional pictures and I think that I did pretty well. He has a little heart and the word VIXX on his arm and everything. I'm pretty proud of it.

~ Alora

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