Wednesday, May 28, 2014

VIXX Eternity MV Review

How's the song? 

Something magical happened during this song. Normally VIXX is pretty good about part distribution except when it comes to Hyuk. Not that he doesn't get parts, but they're normally small and he isn't really featured when he sings. The sun has shined upon Hyuk though and he got parts and he was front and center during them too. He also has a similar sounding voice to Onew which is okay by me because I like voices that had that type of sound.

Another person that I want to mention is Leo, because as we all know, I have a great love for Leo. That wail that he lets out at the end? Be still my beating heart. He can belt those out and it is fantastic. Ken did it after Leo and even though Ken also has a magnificent voice I like it better when he just has a higher note during his parts then when he is just ad-libing in the background.

As for the song itself I really liked it. It definitely has more of a dance track sound to it that what they have been doing and I think that they pulled it off well. The one problem that I had, and it's not even a problem, more of an observation, that back track sounded a little generic. I did like it but I felt like I had heard it before. The track with the "oh~" that was in the teaser actually reminds me of something that I might hear in a Coldplay song.

So, as per usual, VIXX did really well and I was not disappointed. VIXX and Jellyfish had a definite vision of the group and you can really hear that through their music and that is really important for a group. Especially for a younger group like VIXX. They are know as the group who does the dark concepts and maybe that will hurt them if they want to do something really different in the future, but they are rocking it for the time being.

How's the video? 

One thing that I like about VIXX videos is that they are usually really fun and they have been very original, but this video has fallen into the cookie cutter mold of K-pop videos. At least it isn't in a brick room though, right?

Even though the story line is slightly old and cliched, Jellyfish did try to make it more unique to the members. The way all the members were treating the girl and the activities they were engaged in fit their personalities really well. Ken drew her pictures, Leo was sharing his love of music, Hongbin was watching her quietly, and so on. So, yes, the story wasn't new, but they did try to make the story special in that sense.

That all being said, are VIXX all dating Dial Tone as well? Was Dial Tone not just a figment of Dongho's imagination, but a real invisible person hell bent on screwing with the minds of male K-pop idols everywhere?

The last thing that I was to mention is that I like reading the comments section of videos so I can get an idea of what people think of the video and usually people notice things that I don't. One thing that someone pointed out was the time of the clock when it stops. The time is 6:20 or Roman numerals VI : XX. Ho ho! I see what you did there Jellyfish.

How's the styling? 

Stop it with the middle parts!

And while we are on the topic of hair, N is obviously suffering from the same disease that U-Kwon had in the "Jackpot" video where their hair spontaneously changes colors between takes.

I just had a thought. People were talking about the fact that you can see N's eyebrows in this video and that maybe, just maybe, his forehead will one day be reveled. I also saw a joke on Pinterest that N doesn't actually have a forehead, which I thought was rather hysterical. So, my thought. One day, N is going to have to go to the army, right? I'm really afraid of what shaved head N is going to look like.

Or maybe if N's forehead was revealed he would become even more sassy than usual and Jellyfish is actually protecting us from the sheer magnitude of N's full face. What do you think?

Is the dance super amazing? 

I really liked the beginning of the dance with all the movement that VIXX was doing. Ravi was starting as usual, Hongbin and Ken were doing their thing, Leo and N were doing their thing, and Hyuk was doing something random in the background. I felt a little bad for him, he looked a little Forever Alone.

Something that did surprise me at the beginning  was the scorpion move that N and Leo did. The reason that I was surprised was that N was not as graceful as I thought he would be. Leo did it really well but N kind of pulled out of it and did a half turn instead of a full horizontal to vertical movement that you would expect from that move.

Also, when did Ken become the member that gets flipped around? He was catapulted at the beginning of "Voodoo Doll" and he was the one to get pushed up and down at the beginning and at the end at this song.    

I also liked the move that was done during the chorus that appears to be the key move of the dance. It also reminded me a little of the move that BTOB did in their "Thriller" video.

It also makes me think that there could be all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions on stage because of the angle of their legs a la Taemin during that "Sherlock" performance.

Which member owned it? 

Sometimes it is hard for me to pick one person as my favorite in a video because there are multiple parts that stick themselves in my brain, this is one of those times. At the end of this video there were three things that stuck with me

Leo: Maybe it's because he's my favorite, but Leo actually gets three things. 1) the scorpion in the beginning 2) the knee spin during Ravi's rap 3) and that wail at the end. That was wonderful

Hongbin: Hongbin's main part in the song was to say "na saranghaji" and I really liked it for some reason. Maybe it was because it was the quiet introduction to the bombastic chorus. I don't know.

Hyuk: Yes, he gets another mention. You sing that part Hyuk! Draw attention to yourself!

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

When I first heard this song, when Ravi did his opening, I heard "Ravi's a nightmare" which I thought was funny since Ravi was the one saying it. Oh, Ravi. It's always two steps forward and one step back. Brian, please, help Ravi with his pronunciation, that would be great. Thanks.

~ Alora

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