Friday, May 23, 2014

G-Dragon - Fantastic Baby Doll

And here we have the last installment of dolls that would have gone on an Etsy account had I not got a job in Korea.

GD in the leader of the the boy group BIGBANG and "Fantastic Baby" might be one of the best song ever. Ever. He was also really fun to make and a little stressful because there was quite a lot to do on him.

Starting from the top and going down, there is the crown. I first only decorated the base and was then slightly hesitant to glue jems to the head parts because I thought it would collapse, but luckily the glue stiffened it so that didn't happen. It is still a little delicate though.

Then there is the jacket. In the video, there is a lot more detail, but I just left it at the "Hermes" on the front of the jacket. I had never made letters before and they were also really small AND I had to make an identical set. Wow. They turned out well though.

Last, there are his shoes. I made them in a similar manner to the Minho Etude House doll and then I painted them with some gold glittery paint for an extra bit of pizzazz. Something I forgot, I also made those white and black leg things he has with white felt and fabric paint. Yep, this guy was not easy, but it was fun! A good thing is that he didn't have a lot of hair to do on top of all these other things. Hair normally starts out fun, but the closer I get to the end the more tedious and boring it becomes.

~ Alora

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