Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thoughts on Kris leaving EXO

I'm not sure if I'm going to post this, it is mainly to get my thoughts together because I have a lot of thoughts. What are these thoughts about? I bet you can guess since this is a K-pop/drama blog and some serious news has been dropped. Kris of EXO has filed a lawsuit Hangeng/TVXQ style against SM and the K-pop side of the internet is losing their minds.

I have been trying to keep up with things because this is very big and also very interesting, especially with all the other lawsuits that SM has had filed against them, and this is where all my thoughts come in.

First: In July of 2009 the JYJ portion of TVXQ filed a lawsuit against SM because their contracts sucked to high heavens. The were able to win their dispute and even though SM is still hounding them, they are doing well and TVXQ is doing well as a duo group.

After this, I think that it was said that SM fixed their contracts so they were less sucky, but we all know that SM likes the power that they have so who knows what changes were made. At least, I don't think that we know.

Second: A few months later in December, Hangeng of Super Junior peaces out because his contract also sucks. His sucked for different reasons, mainly because SM didn't know how to deal with their new shiny Chinese idol.

This isn't really a third, but as an after thought, remember how the fandom handled Zhou Mi and Henry? Well, if Kris really leaves, will SM want a new Chinese member? And if that happens will they be treated the same way that Henry and Zhou Mi were and still sometimes are treated?

Third: This new thing with Kris and the whole thing is really bothersome both because it is happening and the way that the internet is handling it.

My thoughts:

Okay, so, Kris wants to terminate his contract because he doesn't like the way he is being treated is what I am getting out of the little information that has been put out from Kris's side. That is understandable, if your job sucks to a point that you can't handle it and still be healthy both mentally and physically, then yes, get the heck out of there.

But there is the other side of it too, at least for me. As an idol, and especially as a rookies. Well, are they still rookies after two years? What is a rookie's time frame? But anyways, as a new group you are most likely going to be pushed to your absolute limit to promote especially if you are a big group. This is all made worse by the influx of debuts that happened last year and the year before, there are a lot of good groups you are all competing for that top place.

This is the reason why Dongho left U-KISS, isn't it? He didn't like the pressure of being an idol and lucky for him, his company let him go, which was really cool of them. This also isn't something that you wake up one morning and decide. This would have to build for a while and take a lot of thinking over. EXO, like I said has only been a group for two years and Kris has already decided that he is over it.

This brings me to what has been bothering my the most, the way that everyone is handling it. What I do like it that there is a lot of support flowing Kris's way through social media and if I were him, I would love that; to know that during something big and scary there are people all over the world supporting me. But then, there are all the people that have nothing but hate directed at SM

Now to the complicated part (as if the whole the whole thing isn't complicated). If SM really is at fault for everything that is happening, shame on them. These are people not your money machines and they deserve to be treated like people. You would think they would have learned with Super Junior and TVXQ. Especially Super Junior since Hangeng's case and Kris's case seem very similar.

But, Kris's side has been very quite about everything saying only that Kris feels like an object, not an artist. This goes back to my conflicting thoughts about new idols being worked to the bone and people deserving to be treated like humans no matter what situation they are in.

Then to make everything more complicated there is the whole social media "did they unfollow or never follow him" issue. Then there are all these weird posts going up and people are saying that SM has stolen the boys' phones and are posting things themselves and blah, blah, blah. If the boys really are posting these things, then it's getting a little T-ARA-y and that is still a big ball of confusing stories. If SM stole the phones.........I don't even know what to say about that.

In the end though, you know that this is hurting everyone in EXO. I saw a clip of EXO winning an award for "Overdose" and you could see that Suho was about a second away from just breaking down on stage.

So many things..................

I don't even know what I'm saying anymore............

I think the main thing that I keep coming back to is that people are so quick to judge something that they have absolutely no right to judge. A fan's job is to care about the people that they like but often that line is crossed and you care about a person that you don't even know to an absolute fault. At this moment in time I think that the best thing to do is give everyone support. Give Kris support, give EXO support, and even give SM support be we don't know what is happening

This gives me a headache, what do you think?

~ Alora  

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