Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BAP Where Are You? MV Review

How's the song? 

I began this post as a joint post about U-KISS and BAP since the songs were so vastly different but the public response was slightly similar and I actually began writing the post, but then I changed my mind. I felt that there was more to talk about in BAP's video because I could make fun of people more and I wouldn't have to take awkward screen shots either. You know what I'm talking about.

I know that some people are unimpressed with this relaxed sound, but I actually quite like it. That is something that I really like about BAP, their ability to reinvent their sound. They have done quite a variety of things and they have done really well at all of them. Yes, the debuted as a hip hop group, and yes they are really good at that, but that doesn't mean that they can't do this if they want to as well.

I am also just generally a fan of acoustic sounds to break up my love of alternative rock. In between all of those electric guitars it's nice to get something a little more mellow. It could also be that I have been obsessed with Akdong Musician lately and this song fits in with their music. Also, also, it is summer time and this is a really nice summer song.

How's the video? 

I think that I have officially taken a crazy pill after watching this video. When I see cutesy videos like this, my brain always twists it in some way and normally that way leads to the murder of entire groups; but not this time. There is no murder this time but I feel that the story is a little weirder than the other stories that I have created. 

BAP have traveled to London and they are all using a payphone to call the people that they love. Unfortunately Daehyun got to go first and that boy has a lot to say.

It turns out that Daehyun wasn't calling Korea though. His phone call is placed much closer than all him members are aware because he is calling Jongup.

They have started a new bromance and they are trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the members, but they haven't done as well as they had hoped. Youngjae knows. He finds Jongup's attempts at stealing his best friend amusing and quickly plots the best way to end the relationship.

While BAP are out for a cup of English tea, as Daehyun talks on the phone Youngjae puts his plan into action. Operation Divert Jongup is in motion.

The plans works and Jongup starts to hang out more with Himchan. Great success!

Unfortunately, Jongup grows tired of Himchan quickly and ditches him when he's not looking.

Not realizing that he has been ditched for another, Daehyun puts together a strangely romantic looking event for Jongup.

As he is laying down his cutesy arrows he runs into Youngjae. Youngjae is proud of his scheming. All is right again.

How's the styling? 

One of my favorite aspects about a video like this, no matter who is singing, are the outfits. Maybe some people say they are dressed like hipsters and that they don't look good, but I beg to differ! I like the nice casual yet put together look that comes from these concepts.

I'm also wondering if light pink hair is going to be the new thing for summer. Xiumin had it in the "Overdose" video and now Daehyun was also rocking a light pink head. I personally really like it. I probably wouldn't dye my whole head that color, but I have been wanting to put a color in my head. Maybe this one?

Is the dance super amazing? 

No dancing here. There is a lot of goofy posing though.

Which member owned it? 

When BAP debuted they were so against being cute. SO against it. But now a few years later they have grown to be able to do cute, except for Jongup. Jongup was just not meant to do aegyo, like ever. Throughout the whole video you could just see that he was reevaluating his life choices.

He was just so awkward and I could see the "kill me" written on his face for most of the video. I also noticed that he was the only one who never got a "cute" shot. He was normally in the back or paired with someone who could do double duty cute.

If Jongup hated every moment of the filming of this video, I think that Daehyun enjoyed it the most. I think that he was able to grasp the ridiculousness of how cute everything was and laugh at what was going on. You can actually see him laughing in some of the shots. He also sings along to the instrumentals at the :45 second mark. I think that it is good that even though they are being forced to be cute for the video, you can often see that they are genuinely having fun as they film it.  

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

All the English in the song was understandable, but that doesn't mean that it was correct. Zelo's line is great, but it is the bit in the chorus that is weird. The line is "Because you're not next to me, I'm lonely, lonely day." The last line is in English and it is all good until that "day" bit. It is understandable, but that does not make it right. Keep trying BAP.

~ Alora

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