Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring K-pop Favorites

Happy end of spring/beginning of summer! How is the weather in your areas of the world? We have had some pretty grossly hot days here, but there have also been some really nice days. We have also had a few really good lightening storms which were pretty cool. It will only continue to get hotter though and monsoon season is not yet upon us. I'm sure that it will all be quite the experience when it starts.

For this season's songs that I liked there are less videos with a small view count and even the ones with a smaller count aren't nearly as small as the ones that I chose last time. There is a repeat from last time as well because the person in question is awesome!

MIB - Chisa Bounce


That beat! The teaser gave us a little hint at what was to come, but to hear the whole thing was so much better. From start to finish this song was great and it is a good transition song from winter to spring. This song is just begging to be pumped out of your car as you drive with your windows down and I totally would if I had a car. Bring it on summer! But not really, because it's hot.

Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower

When I first heard that Park Hyo Shin was going to come out with a new song after four years the first thing I thought was "Well, I bet Hongbin, that little fan boy, is peeing himself right now he's so excited." This song did not disapoint though, it's absolutely gorgeous. I had never heard a Park Hyo Shin song before and now I wonder what I have been doing with my life for all this time. This man had the voice on an angel I could listen to this song forever.

Jay Park - Metronome 

I'm 50/50 when it comes to Jay Park. I like his "K-pop" stuff, but when he goes into gangster rap mode I back away slowly and pretend that it isn't happening. I think what draws me to this song is all the layered sounds that it has. From the back track and then Jay Park, Simon D, and Gray voices, all have very different sounds and they all mesh really well in this song.

Akdong Musician - Melted

Out of the three songs that they promoted I think that this one is easily my favorite. The music video also made me cry which is always a plus. Not that I cried, but that the video was able to invoke such a strong emotion. That boy's journey was so sad and then at the end when even that dog was showing him so much hatred and contempt that was the last straw. I liked that someone else who seemed to be equally outcasted by society took him in. I would like to think that they now live together in that trailer as a happy little family. The song is also fantastic. I like the haunted muted sound of the song and the vo. This is a whole package right here.

Topp Dogg - Amadeus 

I'm not hopping onto the Topp Dogg train, but I would like to talk about them for a second. I have really liked the last two songs that they have promoted, this one and "Arario". I think that in these two songs that they may have found their sound and it is really interesting. "Amadeus" is a hip hop/classical music hybrid and "Arario" was a hip hop/traditional music hybrid. I liked "Arario" better than this new song, but I hope that they continue with this sound meshing because it is different and I am always down with different.

40 Black

I am not an R&B person but I am totally in love with 40. I mentioned his song "Counting Stars" in my winter favorites and here he is again. His voice is just so freaking smooth and wonderful and I just want to listen to it forever.

Prin.Jerry - Hey! Come On

This song just came out yesterday and it is her first song, but I really enjoyed it. She has an amazing voice and she plays the guitar. I don't know if she contributed anything to the making of the song, but that would be another awesome mark on her. The song above is also just the acoustic version or the song. The 'real' version has Mir from MBLAQ in it and that is just as good, if not more so, that this song.

Honorable Mention
Block B - Jackpot

How I wish that I could have written about Block B because we all know that I have a great love for Block B and they always have really good videos and songs and this was no exception. The song was definitely different from what they have done in the past and the video was, as usual, filled with shenanigans and law breaking. Those super freaky clowns were also back; I don't have a clown phobia, but I could definitely do without those.

And there you have it! My favorite songs of the season that I didn't write a review for. All the songs are very different from the next, but that is what makes music great, right? So for everyone else out there, what have been your favorite songs of the spring season?

~ Alora

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