Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boyfriend Obsession MV Review

How's the song? 

I'm going to be honest, I don't really know anything about Boyfriend. I often think of them as the group with the twins and that's about it. I have listened to their songs before and I have enjoyed them, but their just not one of the groups that I have payed very much attention to. There's too many groups to pay attention to all of them, dang it! It's basically impossible and that makes me sad because groups often get brushed under the rug whether that be personally by me or on a more global scale which is never a good thing.

The one thing that I do know about Boyfriend though is that they usually do cutesy things. Right? Or am I wrong about that too? I think that the first song that I heard of theirs was "Janus" and then I actually paid a little attention after "On and On" because of the painful cuteness. This is a lot more powerful that those other songs though and it kind of works. I don't know how the Bestfriend crowd feels about it, but I like it.

I think what I like about it the most is that it makes me want to bounce when I listen to it. You know what I'm talking about right? The little shoulder bounce that you do when you are listening to a song that makes you wan to groove but doesn't have the right beat to just straight up dance to. I like songs like that because I can't dance and it is nice to listen to bouncy songs like this when you are sitting at your computer.

How's the video? 

If there is one thing that I am always down for, it is a retelling of a fairy tale. In contrast to that last sentence, I do not watch Once Upon a Time. I do love me some Grimm though.

Like the last video, this video also gives me a lot to work with story wise. This time I'm not going to ruin the story but instead write what I think is happening because it was a fun video. Here we go!

My take on this is that this is the Peter Pan version of Wicked. It is the before story, the why everything happened the way that it did in Peter Pan. I'm also going for a Disney version of the story too because I can't remember the last time I read or saw the original version.

The story starts in Neverland, as is should. Hook, at this point he is still Jass, is living in the treehouse Peter lives in in the original story with his own lost boys. They are neither bad or good, they just are, and they aren't really that fond of Pan. He's a trouble maker and while the lost boys don't mind causing mischief, Pan is annoying and they could really do without him.

As Jass is sleeping, he has a vision of a girl from the "real" world. She is reading about Neverland and that somehow sparks a connection between her and Jass. Jass knows that if she comes to Neverland then she will get into trouble somehow because Pan will probably do something to her. 

He also knows that if she comes to Neverland she will make him and his lost boys happier and get them out of their constant state of just "being". 

The lost boys decide that they have to take matters into their own hands and find Pan themselves. They are the only ones on the island that have the skills great enough to catch Pan, and even then, they could still fail. Pan in crafty and has eluded their attacks for years now. 

The lost boys are able to meet up with the mystery girl and she and Jass are glad to finally be able to meet one another. He feels confident that they have found her before Pan and draws her into the safety of his boys. Unfortunately, Pan is there as well and before Jass can do anything, the girl is now in Pan's arms. 

What the boys don't know is that Pan doesn't want to hurt the mystery girl, he wants her for himself. He knows that she can bring him happiness and he is jealous of what the boys could have and what he could loose. He didn't mean for anything bad to happen he just wanted to take her away with him. 

He grabs the bomb that was meant for him but when he grabs it, he accidentally detonates it and no matter how much Pan wanted the girl, he loved himself more and he pushed her and the bomb away from himself. All the boys saw was a murder and for this, they could never forgive Pan. He took away something that they wanted and now, they would never be able to get it again. 

This was the final straw in the delicate balance that held the small amount of peace in Neverland. It was at this moment Jass forsook his childhood realizing that without this girl, they would never truly be happy. They would become adults, pirates, and dedicate their lives to ending Pan's. 

Pan took a different approach. He knew that his tricks had finally gone too far, he had taken an innocent life with his games. He decided to try to be a better person and to rescue those that needed rescuing, and even if he wasn't always perfect and what he did, he tried his best. He decided that he would make it his goal in life to find another little girl who would come to Neverland and help him find the happiness that he destroyed. 


I feel good about what I have created. Granted, I didn't really "create" it like I have with other stories, but I feel good right now, if a little sad.  

How's the styling? 

I feel a little bad about saying this, but there is nothing really special about what they are wearing. I have seen these black and white baggy silhouettes so much and they just aren't really interesting any more.

Something that is worth noting though are these hats:

They kind of look like some that were created after reading a Dr. Seuss book. 

Was the dance super amazing? 

There is probably a technical name for it, but I really like the 90 degree/bent knee/twist that Boyfriend does during the chorus.

It is something that you see often in music videos and I like it. I think that it looks cool and that is all I have to say about that.

Which member owned it? 

As it has been stated, I know nothing about Boyfriend so the member that caught my eye was the member with the blue hair that played Hook. He was front and center the most and he also did a pretty good job with his acting. I didn't cringe once which can often happen in K-pop music videos.

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

My ears aren't bleeding, it's more my eyes right now or, more specifically, my brain. When the lost boys put out the wanted post for Pan it says "WANTED: Simplified or expanded". What? What does that even mean?

I guess there is one English part of the song, at least, I think that it is English. At about the 1:25 mark, one of the twins comes in and says......something. I'm still not totally sure what something about a girl I think.

Even if their English is questionable, their German is pretty good. For some reason they have a German traffic sign in their hideout hanging in the background.

I looked it up at it is a sign that they put at detours or road diversions. Why is it in Boyfriends hideout though?
~ Alora

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