Thursday, June 26, 2014

First Impressions - King of High School

I have been really bad about writing about dramas since I got to Korea. When I first got here I didn't have internet at my officetel for a while so that made life difficult and I think that because I am around Korean speakers all day, I want to come home and read and watch things in English. I also don't need to focus as much if I am watching things in English. I have been trying to be better about my dramas though and I want to write more about what I am watching, hence, first impressions.

So, last week, King of High School started and I have been waiting  for this drama to start since I heard about it. What initially drew my attention was Seo In Guk, but then I heard that Lee Soo Hyuk was going to be in it  too and I was sold. I have really liked him since White Christmas and was excited to see him in something else since I haven't seen him in anything since Tree with Deep Roots which I never actually  finished, I should do that........ I could seriously listen to him talk forever, his voice is amazing. 

He also has some pretty impressive side eye. 

Back to the story, at first glance it kind of looks like a hot mess. Seo In Guk plays high schooler Lee Min Seok. He's on the hockey team and seems to be well liked by those around him. Everything is turned on its head though when his older bother (also played by Seo In Guk) fails to show up to his director job in Korea and asks Min Seok to stand in as him because they (of course) look exactly the same.

I am a fan of the ridiculous and I am also a fan of tvN so I was excited to watch this drama. There is always that chance that it could crash a burn though because it was so ridiculous sounding. I have faith in tvN though because they have a pretty good track record and from the four episodes I've watched, the drama has been fun and fast paced.

Yes, only four episodes have aired and there are going to be at least 16 or 20 episodes because that's how dramas work, but I can still hold onto the beauty that has been created thus far.

One thing that I am really interested in is the romance of this story because I think that it could potentially be really weird, if there is anything created at all, but it would also be weird if there wasn't anything. 

In the beginning we meet Jun Soo Young (Lee Ha Na), a frumpy 27 year old who works at the company that Min Seok will eventually go to work at. While there she falls in love with one of the directors, 30 year old Yoo Jin Woo (Lee Soo Hyuk), who flat out tells her to deal with her feelings because he does not share them. 

After that, in most dramas, you would think that this moves Jin Woo to Second Male Lead territory opening the door for Min Seok, but Min Seok is 18, plus Soo Young's little sister Lee Yul Eum (Jung Yoo Ah) likes/stalks Min Seok. I am kind of rooting for the Soo Young/Jin Woo paring though because they would be so awkwardly cute and her weirdness would cut through his coldness and they could go and watch movies together and cry out their feelings at the screen. It would happen. 

Also, Min Seok's grandpa is awesome. When they are together you can definitely see where Min Seok gets his carefree attitude and happiness. That is one of my favorite things about Seo In Guk, he is really good at being a goober and this role is giving him plenty of opportunities to do that. 

So, thus far, this drama is really good and I am excited to continue watching this! Next week, I will be writing my first thoughts on Joseon Gunman. I am just as excited to watch that and from what I've heard, it is also had a good start. 

Keep being awesome Dramaland 2014. 

~ Alora 

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