Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My K-pop Spirit Animal

Wow, it feels like it has been forever since I wrote anything here. What with my moving to Korea, no internet in my home yet, and then the Sewol ferry incident, there has been no time or opportunity to write about anything. All the students are taking their midterms right now though so I thought I would take this moment to write something pointless just for the sake of writing something. Hold on to your hats, here we go.

What do you think about when you aren't thinking about anything? Well that all depends upon what is going on around me. Am I in a quiet nature-y area? Who are the people that I am around, if any? What kind of music am I listening to and what language is it in? These are just a few variables that cause my mind to run rampant.

One such thing that I have thought about is if we as an F4Plus1 were a K-pop group, who would we be? I know weird. I thought about this when I first got into VIXX because Leo is totally my spirit animal. 

It's true! We both basically hate everyone except those lucky few we allow into our presence, and even then, sometimes we only tolerate them. But even though we would like to occasionally smack them, we still love them. We both are also more comfortable while performing than just being ourselves. Leo kills it on stage but then runs for cover from the camera off stage. I am much more articulate when writing than I am speaking. Talking to people is annoying.

But at the end of the day we do actually like the people that we hang out with even if we don't always show it. And then when we do, it gets weird.

After thinking about it more though, I realize that my friends and I would totally be VIXX if we were a K-pop group.......and guys........that could also help.

N = Autumn

How could she not be and not only because she is basically our fearless leader. Everything is done at her house and she is normally the one who plans the outings and get togethers. She is also loud and bubbly and likes to hug, much like N.

Replace N and Leo with me and Autumn and it's basically the same thing.

Leo = Me

As stated before, Leo and I would get along really, really well I think. We would enjoy each others mostly silent company while playing with animals and babies and be perfectly content. We would also need various snacks. Snacks are important.

Ken = Becca

I was debating putting Becca as Ravi because she is Autumn's sister and Ravi is kind of like the VP of VIXX, but I think that Ken fits her so much more. Becca is very excitable and loud, and just like Leo and Ken this has also happened with Becca and me

Ken and N are also really alike in temperament and weirdness levels too. They are both the ahjummas of the group and are very vocal and expressive when it comes to life in general.

Ravi = Alyson

Ravi, as the VP of VIXX is very responsible and when I first got into VIXX I thought that he was higher up in the age line than he actually was. Alyson, even though she can be very funny, I feel is one of the most responsible in our little group. I guess it comes with the territory of being a teacher. All she needs to do is work on her 'levels of swag' (writing that made me die a little inside) and she'll be perfect.

Hongbin = Andy

Oh, Andy, how we miss you. From what I have seen of VIXX, Hongbin's role in the group is to go along with what the other people do. He watches and laughs and then occasionally says things that are funny or just generally strange. Since English is Andy's second language, he would usually just watch the goings on and probably also judge a little. Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes we would also need a little clarification of what it was he was trying to get across as well.

I wasn't sure what picture to put up for Hongbin so I'll just make the masses happy (i.e. the friends being spoken about) and insert this picture. 

Nope, I found something even better

N and Ken (Autumn and Becca) forcing their love upon Hongbin (Andy)

This also makes me think of the Plan V episode where N forces Hongbin to wear this stupid scarf even though Hongbin does not want to wear it. Becca and Autumn liked to make Andy do "cute" things.

Hyuk = Murphy

This one is a little hard to explain, but it feels right. A lot of Hyuk's time seems to be spent laughing and making jokes and that is totally Murphy. For some reason I can also see Murphy doing something like this

I don't know why, but I see Murphy in this picture. Is it just me?

And there you have it. For all intents and purposes F4Plus1 is really VIXX. Now for the rest of you, who is your K-pop spirit animal?

~ Alora

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