Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Us!

One year ago this Saturday we posted our first post and continued to do so with a good amount of regularity. I guess that means that we like it or something. Or at least I do, I've kind of been abandoned and I mention that to people frequently and you'll notice what good that's done. Anyways........I guess that means I just made $40. I feel no shame about that either.

In this year (give or take a few months) a lot of things have happened. Becca went to Korea

Andy went on his mission to Australia

Becca, Autumn, and I went to KCON and met some pretty sweet people

I got to write a movie review on the site Soompi 

Becca and Autumn went to an Infinite concert and Autumn gave herself super awesome nails, as per usual

A large group of us, minus me, went to the LA K-pop festival and I would assume that was probably pretty awesome

And I got a job teaching English is South Korea! Side note about that, I'm only going to have internet at school for the next few weeks and blogging about dramas and K-pop at school seems wrong and stuff.  Right when Block B and EXO have their comebacks too. So sad. 

The only way this list could get any better is if I had been able to go to the Block B concert, because you better believe if I was in the states right now, I would have found a way to get there. They just came out with a new song though so I guess I'll just have to hang on to that and be happy.

And that is what has happened thus far! It has been fun and hopefully it continues to be!

~ Alora 

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