Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crayon Pop Uh-ee MV Review

How's the song? 

Crayon Pop is back with a song that doesn't sound like "Bar Bar Bar"! Hooray! Not that I hated that song, but it wasn't my favorite and it was everywhere. Crayon Pop's company even used it as the base sound for their boy group's debut song. I know it put you on the map, but let it go!

I really like the electronic trot sound of the song, it is different and it is fun and it is also very much a Crayon Pop song. Yes, it is a little juvenile sounding, but that is what makes it fun. There are enough sad mopey ballads and dance tracks and this song definitely stands out among the rest of them.

Something that I do wonder about Crayon Pop is that these girls are not as young as you would think that they are from the music that they put out. When I first saw them I thought that maybe they were in their late teens, but no, the five of them were born between '88 and '91 which blew my mind a little. That being said, how long are they going to be able to stick with this super cute sound, funny dances, and quirky costumes? Not that I don't like what they are doing, but the girls will want to grow up and probably sooner rather than later. 

How's the video? 

I thought that it was cool that there were little cameos in the video to make it feel like it was a real party. The only person I recognized was Bumkey though.

I did like that there was a group of girls that looked suspiciously like Girl's Day though. Maybe it was just because that blonde girl has hair like Hyeri. I'm just going to pretend like they are pretending to be Girl's Day. After reading some comments though it seems that people are saying that these are some Chrome trainees, I guess that would make sense. 

I would also like to say that K-Much are the worst security guards EVAR. I assume that this is Crayon Pop's party so that they can show everyone their new song, okay that's cool. So you would assume that they would want to keep the crazies out, apparently K-Much didn't get the memo and let this guy in

Why? That is the crazy sauce guy that is going to come in and murder everyone to protect his beloved Crayon Pop. He has sasaeng written - or painted - all over his face.

How's the styling?  

I wonder if Crayon Pop's agency will slowly let Crayon Pop look nice during their career. In every video there will be a shot of them dressed in "normal" clothes to accustom people to it.

The girls did look really nice for a hot second, but then the main outfits came out and they were ahjumma themed. As unfashionable as ahjumma clothes are, you have to admit, they look comfortable. Crayon Pop were looking pretty fierce too, like a small adorable gang.

Is the dance super amazing?  

I feel that during the practice stages of learning this dance there were a lot of poked eyes and smashed noses. I also liked that even though there was the difficult factor of all the flailing arms, there was also the cute ahjumma dance moves that were put in. My favorite part of the dance was that little foot movement that they did. 

As for the background dancers, they weren't as painful to watch as some other club settings, but as per usual those people had no idea what to do with themselves; especially those women that were holding the stringed instruments. I know that you are holding things as big as you are, but come on, look like you want to be there.

The K-Much boys were enjoying themselves too, I have no idea what they are doing, but they look happy.

Which member owned it? 

I felt that this song was all very equal visual wise. There were a lot of wide shots and when there was someone singing, they were on camera. Good job, Chrome.

Did the English make you ears bleed?  

There was one bit of English in the song, and no it wasn't saying Crayon Pop at the end. They actually say "bling bling" during the song. Now that I know it's there I can hear it, but it is stressed weirdly so it's hard to hear.

~ Alora

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