Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2PM - Come Back When You Hear This Song

How's the song? 

Who's 2PM? Oh wait, aren't they that group that put out an album like 2 YEARS AGO? Geez! I know that they have been doing stuff in Japan, but come on. Sometimes I wonder about JYP..... Maybe that's what they meant in the song "I'll Be Back". Couldn't they have said goodbye without all the makeup though?

So much makeup
JYP makes his presence known in the video as we all knew he would. He does a countdown from eight and at the end of it we get the expected JYP whisper. Oh JYP, how we have missed your self love.  

Anyways, I'm not really a 2PM fan. They are a talented bunch of guys, but they don't really do it for me. I do like this song though. It's starts off kind of soft and echo-y, a whisper to come back. Then we get this awesome synthy build which brings us into the chorus. I feel like it is the kind of song that you would listen to as you are mopping and you would sing into that mop handle like no one's business and twirl around the kitchen.

How's the video? 

From the video it appears that 2PM has lost their girl because each of them has a problem with one of the seven deadly sins. Some of them don't really seem like problems though, lust and envy were a little tame. Anyways, they know that they did wrong things and they are singing in the hopes that this song will bring her back.

They use this really cool effect with sound waves throughout the video, like the waves are searching for her.

Come back when you hear this song
In the end those sound waves are able to find her and she goes running back to them in a shower of fireworks. I guess she's not that angry then? The throwing away of the necklace seems misplaced now. Shouldn't she be putting the necklace on when she leaves meaning that she has pride in herself and she knows she is better than the way she is being treated? Then at the end, she takes it off because she is getting rid of her pride and going back to the person (or people) that she loves?

You guys are jerks but you sing well, you're forgiven
In the "Things Only I Care About Corner" I would like to talk about WooYoung's horrendous piano playing. Dude obviously doesn't play the piano because he is crazy hunched over, his elbows are practically in his lap, and his hands are pretty flat. For shame WooYoung.

His sin was Sloth, we can see that.....
Is the dance super amazing? 

My first 2PM song was "I'll Be Back" so whenever I think about them all that appears before me are heavily eye-shadowed guys doing the running man. This is so much better! 

There is a lot of posing and kicking and spinning in this dance and it comes together really well. One thing that I am not totally a fan of is when groups dance in a solid line.

I think that when groups stagger the lines it gives them a more versatile look and they can get a lot of different angles that can't be achieved by standing side by side. 2PM does do this more at the end of the song when they are in tighter areas and I think it looks better.

My favorite part of the dance is this weird hand clench thing that they do. I don't know why, it just looks kind of funny, like they are milking cows or something

Okay, so they're not milking cows, they're begging their girl to come back, but it makes me think of milking cows.

Which member owned it?  

The camera time was very well organized and I didn't feel like one person was dominating the screen. That was probably a good idea since these guys haven't been around in a while.  

How is the styling? 

There are four different outfits in this video. Two of them are variations on suits and more formal attire, another is a nice casual, and the last ones correspond to the situations that they are in when they are with the girl.

Top: Envy, Gluttony, Greed; Bottom: Lust, Sloth, Wrath

Does the English make you ears bleed? 

The only English in the song is said by Taec and he speaks English so we're good. He does forget his English sometimes though and that is a little evident in We Got Married: Global Edition. It's not like he can't speak, but sometimes his sentence structure is questionable. 

Should you buy it? 

This is a good song and it is also a good song for 2PM to have their comeback with, but I probably won't buy it. I'm just not really a fan of 2PM or really anything from JYP for that matter. I am sure that all the Hottests are going to be running to iTunes though so they can get this song. When 2PM tells you to come back, you listen.

What else is happening? 

B1A4 What's Happening? - What's happening? I have no idea.

2PM A.D.T.O.Y. - The girl has come back and it is sexy time.

LC9 MaMa Beat - I didn't even listen to the song, I was too distracted by the video....oh my gosh......

ATTACK Hello Hello - This is a really good debut song, good job rookies.

~ Alora 

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