Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ji Hoo

Ji Hoo is the second male lead from the 2009 drama Boys Over Flowers which of course means that he is one of the most wonderful people on the planet, but unfortunately does not get the girl because to quote StillNotDavid's video "Things I've Learned from Korean Dramas" (watch it here) "the a$$hole always wins."

I really enjoyed making this doll because Ji Hoo's hair (before he cuts it and gives himself perpetual helmet hair) is amazing. You can't fully appreciate his hair in this picture though because most of the magic happens in the back.

I loved making his clothes too. He has a bow tie (which you can't see) and a vest AND a jacket with super cute buttons. And the winner for doll with the most clothes goes to......

Ji Hoo is owned by Alyson, member of the F4Plus1

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