Monday, May 6, 2013

Word of the Day: Secret Girl

Secret Girl n. - 1. A girl who is pretending to be a boy 2. Used as a joke toward K-pop idol males who have a feminine appearance

What is a secret girl you may ask? If you didn't just read that definition, it is a girl who is pretending to be a boy, thus, secret girl. We as F4Plus1 created a game surrounding this concept called "Can You Spot the Secret Girl" (creative I know). We even dedicated a whole page to them in our ABC book.

After looking at this you may notice that there are actual boys on the page, namely, Sungmin from Super Junior and Taemin from SHINee. This is where the game comes in. Because we are a bunch of weirdos over here, we couldn't just leave our game at real secret girls, that would be boring. No! We needed to take it a step further and include K-pop groups that had secret girls as well.

Since we discovered SM musicians first (and frankly they have some of the most obvious secret girls in the business) they were the first people that we decided to start our game on. It also didn't help that, because we all got into K-pop and dramas at the start of 2012, SHINee came out with their comeback album Sherlock.

Who decided these hairstyles were a good idea?
 Key is really the only person who did not come out with hair that makes "me want to weep and then die" (Tim Curry as Nigel St. Nigel in Psych). What's with this whole hippie vibe when the Sherlock video is in 1800's style? And don't even get me started on the teaser posters. Those will not be posted here because they greatly disturb me. It makes me feel like some creeper who deserves to be sent to prison. *shudders* Strange comeback photos aside, this is really about Taemin being the first victim of the secret girl game and those horrendous extensions that he has on his head. 

Sherlock wasn't my first SHINee video, but I was still trying to figure out who everyone was when I watched it. When Taemin came on with those extensions, I kept trying to figure out who the heck it was because in the other scenes, there were no extensions. Why are you doing this to me SM? What the heck?

Y U NO make identification easier?
Our other favorite secret girl is Sungmin from Super Junior. Sungmin is the King of Aegyo (acting cute) but he could probably kill you as well since he knows martial arts. Sungmin loves the color pink and is really, really cute. The difference between Taemin and Sungmin though, is that Taemin is aware of his flower boy status and tries to get rid of it, while Sungmin embraces it and does cute things all the time. SM also dresses him up like this for promoting.

There are other pictures with flowers too

This is not to say that these guys can't look manly though, because it does happen. As many people know Taemin is slowly becoming TaeMAN!!

I dare you to play the secret girl game now
 There are secret girls everywhere you just have to be brave enough to find them. Don't get all sensitive about calling your 'oppa' a girl because, come on now, you know his make up is better than yours.

~ Alora 

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