Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lee Hwon

Lee Hwon is the male lead in the 2012 drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. He is a king that, as a child, loses the girl he is going to marry to an evil plot to put another girl in her place. He spends his whole life pinning for that lost love and it is kind of sad, also slightly ridiculous, but I loved it anyways.

This doll almost killed me, there was so much to it. I had a friend challenge me to make it and I tried to ignore her, but it was too fun sounding to push it from my mind.

I had to embroider four patches, two big and two small, which I glued to his chest, back, and shoulders. I'm pretty sure I almost went blind making those things. I also had to figure out how to give him a square belt. My eventual epiphany about that was to use two paper clips and sew the felt around it to give it the structure it needed. I thought that I was pretty clever to think of that.

The hardest part was definitely the hat though. I have made two hats in the past, a fez and a fedora, and those were nothing compared to this. The hat here is actually the second one I made because the first was bad, like really bad. This one still isn't perfect, but at least it looks like a crown unlike the first monstrosity that I made. It was a challenge to make that rope effect with the felt.

Overall I am freaking proud as heck about this thing. It isn't perfect, but I am proud that I accomplished this. 

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  1. You are very welcome for the awesome challenge! I can't wait to see the next challenge when I have come up with it....MUAHAHAHAHA.