Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Hear Your Voice Part 2: Spoilers

Alora did an amazing job last week of describing I Hear Your Voice and explaining why it's one of the best dramas to come out this year. But the thing is, is that Alora watches episodes as soon as they come out and I try to wait until the whole drama is over before I start watching. This means that she is always one or two steps ahead of me. That said, I have a few points to add about I Hear Your Voice, but be warned: All my comments are regarding the last 15 minutes of episode 17. If you haven't finished it yet, do so and then come back. Okay! Let's have some fun!

These are the lessons I learned during the last 15 minutes of episode 17. 

Lesson 1: Call the Police. 

In K-Dramas they never call the police. I am always yelling at them to call the police, but  they hardly ever do. And on the very rare occasions when they do, the police are completely ineffectual. So what a breath of fresh air it was when they actually alerted the police and it turns out that Korean law enforcement are total rock stars!

While Park Soo Ha &  Min Joon Gook are locked in a stand off...

Police and snipers are stealthy surrounding them. And even though they have plenty of opportunity to take out the bad guy, they are apparently not averse to the pageantry of a good stand off. So it is a big surprise when Joon Gook has the pipe blasted out of his hand by an unseen sniper.

Oh no! What to do!! How about smashing him with this wrench?

Nope. The snipers got that too. You know snipers, with your crazy amazing accuracy you could have just shot Joon Gook. Just sayin'.

Lesson 2: Crazed Killers Can Still Dress Well.

As Joon Gook was trying to decide what he should do, I couldn't help but think about how much I like his hat.

I wonder where he got it? Maybe he picked it up at Serial Killer-Mart. You remember that from episode 16.

Yup, there it is.

Lesson 3: It is Kind to Let Main Characters Know That Their Love Interest Was Not Murdered By a Serial Killer. 

It's called common courtesy.

Can someone tell him that she just fainted. And while you're at it, can you tell her that he didn't die!!! Seriously. This lack of communication might be the reason why people in K-dramas prefer to not involve the police.

Lesson 4: Sometimes You Need a Serial Killer to Help Everyone Else Learn to Get Along.

Look at this, the cop, prosecutor and defense attorney are all getting along thanks to a deranged killer. Maybe we could use a few more of those in the world... or not.

Lesson 5: Best. Entrance. Ever!!

Lesson 6: If You Can Read Minds, How Do You Not Repeat What Others Are Thinking All the Time?

Okay, that is a question, not a lesson... but perhaps it should be a lesson for the drama's writers. If I knew what other people were thinking, I'd probably always try to finish their sentences.

Lesson 7: Sometimes Couples Fashion Can go Too Far.

So, I know couples fashion is a big deal in Korea, but matching head wounds is going overboard.

Like Alora, I also loved this drama and highly recommend it... but hopefully you have already watched it since I just spoiled one of the last episodes for you!

What did you learn from watching this series?


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