Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who Has it Worse?

So, this post is a little random, but since going to Oahu, I haven't written anything and I think that I might explode before Friday, so here we go.

Yesterday, when I was on my computer, I was goofing around on Pinterest. On my personal Pinterest page there are a lot of nerdy things that pop up, one of which are pins about the BBC series Sherlock which I love. After I was finished with Pinterest, I went over to the Block B twitter translation page to see what was going on with the Block B boys, and hoping that they would put out some amazing revelation about an song coming out, but no such luck *sob*.

After looking over these two things I got to thinking, who has it worse: the Sherlockians (is that what we're called?) or the BBCs? Both of these fandoms suffer from similar problems, they have something that they love with an unknown future with nothing but reruns to watch and turn into memes and gifs. Fortunately there are more Block B things to love, but one can only watch Block B's Match Up so many times, and why has no one subbed the second Match Up? That makes me so mad!

With the lack of Sherlock material, the fandom is doing everything they can to create things, and they are slowly losing their minds. There is "music" and there are memes and tumblr pages galore as the fandom continues to create with a slowly diminishing well to work from.

There is hope on the horizon though! The third season is being filmed, but I am unsure if there is a release date or not. This is a wonderful, yet terrifying, thing for the Sherlock fans because yay! Sherlock is coming back, but how is Moffat going to emotionally destroy us this time? 

Block B has some really dedicated fans as well, because they have also spent a lot of time waiting, especially after the whole Thailand fiasco, but BBCs still showed their love by creating their own funny pictures

The BBCs have slowly quieted though, especially after the end of Block B's lawsuit that they lost. Block B is now a group that has no label and no definite future. They have not disbanded and most of them update their Twitter regularly to keep in touch with their fans. Zico, Kyung, and PO have also put out mix tapes and B-Bomb is a part of a dance crew so people can still watch and listen to them perform. Jaehyo and Taeil are also good are Tweeting but U-Kwon, unfortunately, seems to have fallen off the side of the earth, seriously, where is that guy?

The only thing that the BBCs might have - and they are clawing at it - is that there are rumors that Block B might be announcing something this month. Who knows where that started and I don't know if there is any truth to be found in it, but I want it to be true SO BAD!

So what do you guys think: who has it worse? A TV show that only gives you three emotionally taxing episodes and leaves you high and dry for an unspecified amount of time? Or a group that is technically still together but without a solid future as a group and sketchy rumors? Either way, I have a lot of emotions over here because I am suffering from both. I think I'm just going to go find a nice corner and cry now.

~ Alora

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  1. Alora, since you are in the center of the Venn diagram of fan pain, you definitely have it the worst!