Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hi Suhyun I'm Different MV Review

Thank you for this song and video. I feel like I haven't written anything in forever and now I have something to write about! The most exciting thing that has happened to me lately is Kyuhyun's solo debut, and even though that was really exciting because Kyuhyun has the voice of an angel, the video and song didn't give me much to talk about. The video was artsy, the song was beautiful, it made me want to drink hot chocolate and wear a sweater, that was about it. Super Junior!

Hi Suhyun's song is totally different from Kyuhyun's song is every way possible and I love it. If there was anyone in YG who can do a jazzy sound it is definitely Lee Hi who we haven't heard from in a while and I love Akdong Musician, I think Suhyun is adorable and her voice is great as well. Put then together and what do you get? Greatness.

Now I have a confession to make, I don't really care one way or the other about YG's new debuts. I know that Winner is really big right now because of that Who is Next show and I know some of the faces of the members of Winner and maybe a name or two. Why this matter is important when Bobby isn't even a member of Winner is because until I looked it up a minute ago, I thought he was a member of Winner. Wrong. He is a member of iKON. I learned something new today.

When I was first creating this post I actually first wrote that Bobby was a member of Winner, but then I felt fear creep into my heart because I knew that if I was wrong some fan girl of iKON's spidey senses would tingle and they would zero in on my and rip me a new one.

I was really impressed with him though. His voice has an interesting sound with that soft raspyness. I think I remember reading something about people really liking him and him being really talented and he won some show that just happened. Don't I sound super knowledgeable right now? I liked his voice in this song though and if I could hear more of that, I can definitely see myself looking into iKON when they debut. He's also really cute. Eye smile for days!

Speaking of being cute, even though Lee Hi and Suhyun aren't rappers and the song had a cute feel, when they "rapped" it didn't cause my insides to shrivel up! Maybe it is because Suhyun has already done things like that on the AKMU album and I'm don't know a lot about Lee Hi so I don't know about her. Either way, when they were getting down with their bad selves, that was probably one of the cutest things ever!

Is it just me or has there been more jazz sounds in K-pop lately? I am liking this change in direction and hopefully next year we can hear even more of that! I am down for a change from the usual sexy and bad boy concepts that have been happening this year.

I think that the greatest thing to come from this video though is Lee Hi's new found ability to show emotions! She was still a little awkward at times and Suhyun definitely has her beat in the natural emotion category but she is definitely better than she was in her past videos. There is hope!

I hope that we are able to see more from this duo in the future because it seems like YG likes to put together these sub groups and they will do one thing and they we never hear from them again. YG doesn't do sub groups that often anyways, they are more of a soloist type of company. Why share the spotlight when you can have it all to yourself! This is a little off topic but I was watching a reaction video of "Fantastic Baby" by a non K-pop fan and he said that Big Bang felt like a group of soloists. So much truth in someone so new to this world.

YG does seem to be going on a soloist subunit spree lately though to the dismay of the VIPs everywhere. Maybe someday we will actually get a new BIGBANG song.

I'm an a little nervous that Hi Suhyun will soon get destroyed by the new hip hop projects that YG are working on. I hope that these two little girls aren't stomped on by what is happening and will happen in the future. Give me more Hi Suhyun!

~ Alora


  1. I very much love this video and this song. The two of them being utter creeps was hilarious and I love the side eye they were throwing on the bus. I need more of this type of music and less of the annoying stuff YG likes, like GD and Taeyang's (terrible) new song.

    1. I must agree with you on that point. I was hesitatingly excited about the GD/Taeyang song and I didn't really like it. Now that I think about it though, what was given should have been expected with those two collaborating.

    2. I loved this song too! I'm a huge YG stan and both girls are so young (Suhyun is the same age as me) yet are so talented. I'm a big VIP but I didn't really like GDYB's new song either, too dubstep-y and electro-y for me haha.