Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pinocchio First Impressions

I'm a little behind in writing about this drama, I've been a little busy at work. So many essays, so little time. Especially when reading these essays is sometimes like defining hyrogliphics; bad hand writing plus bad English equals difficult reading.

I have been waiting for this drama to begin and I do not feel disappointed from what I have been presented with thus far. To be perfectly honest, it actually reminds me of I Hear Your Voice in some ways. It is the same writer/director team though so, I shouldn't be too surprised. You have our lead, Dal Po played by Lee Jong Suk (the most obvious connection) who has a traumatic past that connects him with our female lead. He can also read the female lead's mind in this drama too! In Ha played by Park Shin Hye can't lie so Dal Po always knows what she is thinking. Then, because of his past and the distrust that it caused him, he puts himself right in the center of the people that threw his life into chaos in the first place.

In this drama our mind reason work because of a made up syndrome called Pinocchio syndrome. This syndrome makes it impossible for the afflicted person to lie. If they do tell a lie their body retaliates with hiccups. I'm also hoping that with this interesting character quirk for Park Shin Hye, she can have a little more character growth an interested than she usually has. On top of that, I would also like her to not kiss like a scared fish I would like to pretend like Heirs never happened. Make it happen drama! 

When I heard this the first thing that I thought about was this might make the romance happen quicker and also make it harder. In Ha can't say that she doesn't like Dal Po because it will mak her hiccup. This happened a lot sooner than I expected too. Episode four ends with her saying she doesn't like Dal Po and she is horrified to find that this statement ends with a hiccup. Speaking of episode four........

Episode four also seriously introduces us to our second male Beom Jo played by Kim Young Kwang lead who is a creeper. I'm sorry, but you have to admit that he is being super creepy about his courting of In Ha. I won't get too far into it, but he knows her and she doesn't know him. This being the case, he keeps winking and following her and staring and acting like they know each other and no amount of handsome face can make that less creepy. He is even kind of stalking g her and it will be interesting when In Ha finds out who he is and why he knows her. 

The last person worth mentioning is my new least favorite drama mother ever. Seriously, what is wrong with this woman? With most drama moms they are the usual: don't marry my son/daughter. They do annoying things but it is nothing too out of the ordinary. In Ha's mother is ruthless though. Again, without giving too much away, mom flat out tells In Ha that she didn't miss her. Yeah. She's a charmer.

Mom also seems like a person that is either not going to change or she won't change until something terrible happens. I think that whatever happens would have to be pretty terrible too because I feel like she would cover the tragic story of the death of her daughter with a complete straight face after going to a store to buy some sort of prop to better get the emotions that she wants from her audience. Have I mentioned that I don't like her?

So, overall, four episodes in and I am hooked! I have high hopes for this drama because I Hear You Voice was one of my top dramas and this drama is being written by those same people. Don't let me down writers!

~ Alora

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