Wednesday, July 9, 2014

f(x) Red Light MV Review

How's the song? 

f(x) is back after quite a hiatus and may I say, I quite like this song. I am not the biggest f(x) fan, but I do look forward to their comebacks because I do like the girls personalities. There are a few groups that while I don't necessarily like their music, I do like the individuals in the group and f(x) is definitely at the top of that list. When "Rum Pum Pum Pum" (now to be referred to as RPPP) came out I did not like it right away but it did eventually grow on me where with "Red Light" I liked it right away. Maybe it's because it has that weirdness to it that I like where RPPP was a little cuter and I had to grow to like it.

The only complaint that I can think of is that I wish some of the transitions between verses were cleaner. It doesn't always happen, but because it does sound like there are three songs in this one, there needs to be some sort of transition to keep the whiplash to a minimum. The part in question is at the 3:06 where I feel that the beat should be dropped or something new should have happened, but it just moves straight on to the chorus and it seems wrong.

Something that I did like though is that there wasn't a rap break down. SM really likes their rap break downs and sometimes they are not good. Since there wasn't any real rapping, we got to hear Amber sing which isn't something that happens very often, or maybe it does, I already said I don't listen to very much of their music.

How's the video? 

Glory hallelujah! This isn't a typical f(x) green screen/box set/neon light/cracked out video! They are technically still in a box, but this isn't your usual SM see-list-above set. This was interesting and new and that is a good thing because SM doesn't do that too much.

Just from the teaser pictures alone I thought that the video would have more of a Cabaret feel. I think that that thought stemmed mainly from Victoria's pictures because that short wig totally made me thing of Liza Minnelli's Sally Bowles.

The thing that I was disappointed with was that I though for a second that there would be some sort of 1984 style story but it ended up being just a jumble of pictures with that feel. They totally could have done that though with the feel of the song and the costume choices.

There is also one room that I see sometimes that always make me think of Block B's "NalinA"

I don't know if it is exactly the same room (but let's be honest, there are only like 5 sets in all of K-pop) but I think that it should be used more. I don't want it to become the new brick room, but this is interesting. There is a lot to look at and it is versatile, you can do a lot of things in this big open space.

How's the styling?

Can we all take a moment and appreciate Amber's red hair for a second?  

Krystal's hair should also have a moment of silence because while it looks fantastic, it went through a lot to look that way. I hope her hair doesn't fall out.

I think we'll just continue highlighting things. Victoria's legs are fan-ta-stic

Sulli looks like an adult and not like a 12 year old.

I just always think Luna looks good, I mean she's gorgeous. This straight on shot is fierce.

The styling as a whole is just really cool looking and I think that the stylists did a good job at making them sexy without being over the top. I am not a person to show large amounts of skin, but I don't think that there is anything wrong with someone who does (depending on the surroundings anyways). I also think that if you have short bottoms you should balance it with a larger top and visa versa so I like everything that happening here.

This video has also furthered my desire to get a head.......thing. What are they called, those things that Victoria and Krystal had on their head. I've always thought that they were cool and every so often I think about buying one. Maybe this is a sign that now is the time to buy a stupid head decoration.

Is the dance super amazing?

This dance was fun, but it didn't blow me away or anything. I do like that in the beginning there is a little bit of a military feel to the dance which goes well with their outfits and the almost plot. I wish that that had been used all throughout the dance and not just for a second in the beginning.

Which member owned it? 

In RPPP it seemed like it was Krystal and the girls featuring Sulli. Not that the other three didn't get camera time, but it was a lot of Krystal and Sulli. This video still did have a lot of Krystal in it, but it didn't feel as in your face as RPPP. Other than that, the video was pretty even in regards to camera time and one person didn't really stand out to me above all the others.

Did the English make your ears bleed?  

There wasn't really any English in this song other than "It's the red light" and that was pronounced very well. I should hope so since Amber and Krystal speak English as a first language.

~ Alora

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