Friday, July 25, 2014

First Impressions: Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit

This drama is a special kind of stupid. It took me all of two seconds to fall in love with it as soon as the story line began. I am also aware that I am late to watching this seeing as it ends today and here I am writing about the first two episodes. I feel a little ashamed about that since Heechul is my number one bias and he is in this drama. I knew that this drama was going to happen, but I didn't hear that it had started until episode seven and I'm not watching it until right now. Better late than never though, right? 

The story line for this drama is that four detective pretty boys, Lee Joon Hyuk (Choi Jin Hyuk), Han Won Bin (Park Min Woo), Jun Kang Suk (Park Doo Shik), and Park Jung Woo (Kim Heechul) are given a special assignment to find out why a 43 year old man was murdered in a phone booth and appeared to be a man in his 70s. The stumble upon a warehouse where everyone but Jung Woo is transformed into 70 year old men after jumping into a tank of water. How much of a hot mess does that sound? Isn't it great? 

They haven't addressed why Heechul hasn't changed yet, and everyone seems to be taking it oddly well. I mean, we need this kind of young/old relationship, but I think that it is weird that no one is making a bigger deal of it. 

The good thing about Heechul remaining young is that he gets smacked around a little when others hear him speaking down to his "elders". I would also like to mention his entrance into the show. He shows up super cool and important looking and then not two seconds later her tries to vault a fence and it does not end well for him. So, just the usual. 

Back to the extremely stupid nature of the show, I think that this show is doing a better job and what Nail Salon Paris tried to do last year. From the two episodes that I have seen this far, the drama seems to be going for an episodical approach to the writing and it is constantly flipping from being ridiculous to serious. Nail Salon Paris has a ridiculous concept but pretended to be serious and that was (one of many) a flaw that it had. This drama knows that it's stupid and the writing is better because of that. 

Overall, I think that I am going to be powering through this drama through the next few days since there isn't any school next week and depending on how life goes, maybe I can write the end review next Friday. I make no promises though, I am going to be in Japan next Friday! I'm so excited!

~ Alora

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