Thursday, August 14, 2014

King of High School Drama Review

As I begin writing this review, I am still basking in the glory that was this drama. It started well, it had good characters, the story never got dull, and - most importantly - the ending was fabulous. It sounds too good to be true, but every once in a while, a golden drama does happen, and for me it was this one.

When I first heard about this drama, on paper, it definitely sounded like something that could either go horribly wrong or be the greatest thing ever. Thankfully, it was the later. The story is about a high schooler named Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) and he is a hockey player and the only thing he worries about is his future in hockey and his crazy stalker Jung Yoo Ae (Lee Yeol Eum).

All that changes when his older brother Lee Hyung Suk (Seo In Guk) is suppose to come to the country to be a director at a company but for mysterious reasons can't and asks Min Suk to be his stand in because they look exactly alike. Min Suk reluctantly agrees and begins his double life. Then, while at the company he and his secretary Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na) fall in love, even though she doesn't know his true identity and he doesn't know that she is actually Yoo Ae's older sister.

Let the games begin!

A good story is nothing without its actors and actresses though! I began watching this drama slightly more for Lee Soo Hyuk than Seo In Guk because any chance I get to listen to Lee Soo Hyuk speak is something that I would like to take. He voice is fantastic! I could listen to it forever. Not that he was ever a bad actor, but his acting has improved. In the one and a half dramas and a few episodes of another I have seen him in, he is always the brooding dark character that doesn't say a lot. This time he got to be a rounder and more emotional character and he did a really good job at it. I hope that he continues to broaden his roles because underneath that smolder is a lot of talent just waiting to be used.

As a random side note, I think that one of my favorite talents of Seo In Guk is his perfectly executed goober face. He is truly gifted.

Main actors aside, all the supporting actors really came forward and made you love them as well. They weren't all useless side characters that only cracked jokes and helped moved the plot forward. My favorite side character was Secretary Kim, and I don't think that I am alone in saying that. He was the person who was put in charge of Fake Director Lee Min Suk and he was so funny. He tried so hard to wrangle his high school charge and keep everything a secret that his character developed an ulcer from the stress. It was cute to watch him go from just a stressed out secretary to a stressed out director that considered Min Suk family.

Min Suk also had two friends Duk Hwan and Tae Suk, and while they really were there for the comic relief and weren't really given any growth, you wanted to be their friends too.

There were so many things that were right in this drama that it would be impossible to write it all down in one post, this is something that you just need to experience. The drama is very funny throughout, but you will also cry with the characters, be stressed out with Secretary Kim, receive second hand embarrassment from others, and want to shake a few when they are making bad decisions.

So, if you haven't watched this I have one question for you: why the heck not? It is so good from beginning to end and everything in between and you will not regret watching it! Until next week!

~ Alora

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