Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BTOB You're So Fly MV Review

New BTOB! Yay! I'm not a hardcore Melody, but I have watched their Diary season and their Weekly Idol appearances and they seem like super cool guys. They are so fun and I like when they do videos like this because it doesn't look corny or fake, they are, in fact, this insane.

Seeing the insanity of this video makes me think that BTOB and B1A4 are very similar groups. That may sound like crazy talk, but it's not hear me out! Both groups have very two different sides, B1A4 has their serious side and their quirky cute side; BTOB either goes for a 90s hip hop kind of thing or the weirdness that is shown in this video. Both groups have two distinct sides and they do it well because it fits with their personality. B1A4 will probably grow out of the cuteness one day though and I'm not sure if my heart is ready for that.

Back to the 90s hip hop sound, I like that BTOB has been figuring out their sound in the last few music videos. I think it started with "Wow", but as I said, I'm not a Melody so I could be wrong, but from what I remember, "Wow" was the first time I remember that 90s sound that I like from these guys. There is definitely a lack of cohesiveness in a lot of K-pop groups. A K-pop song could be released and if you don't know the group it could be any number of groups singing. BTOB is slowly distancing themselves from that K-pop black hole though and for that, I applaud them.

Now for the video. I have finally been inspired to write a story about a video! I can't remember the last time that happened and I'm excited!

After a long day at Cube headquarters, BTOB decided that they wanted to hang out at the convenience because they're cool like that.  Sungjae was late to the party because he was off maturing and needed some time alone to fall father into his handsomeness. (seriously though, boy is getting handsome). With the exception of Changsub, he allows his hyungs to congratulate him on his face.

Peniel and Ilhoon go into the convenience store to buy the items that with quickly put BTOB into a carb/salt/alcohol induced stupor when a woman walks up and stares down the remaining five members of BTOB. Our mystery woman has a strong eyebrow game and the boys couldn't handle it.

Seeing that the power of her brows was to much for these five, she decides to confront the other two in the store. They do not fare much better. Fear the brows.

Little did Brows know that Cousin Itt was moving in and trying to entice BTOB with her technique of spastically flipping her hair all about.

Not impressed

This is when Brows get an idea to rid herself of Cousin Itt, she gives her BTOB Coffee. They say that BTOB Coffee is made from the extra energy that BTOB has at the end of the day. It is so potent that only a few K-pop groups and people can drink it and live to tell the tale. Cousin ITT doesn't drink it though and instead BTOB drinks it with the exception of Sungjae.

Not knowing that BTOB had drank their own energy, Brows comes back to the convenience store to see what her experimenting had done to find that BTOB could now handle her brow game! By drinking their own coffee they were given the power to overcome the fear that they had once felt and were now fill with love for Brows. 

The End

I'm not sure how I feel about my story now that I am done. It almost feel like a drama that starts out fun and when you end you are left with the though of, "that was it?". 

All in all I really liked this song and video. BTOB has put out some really good songs recently and this is no exception. I would even say that BTOB is pretty fly themselves. Anyone? Anyone? No? 

~ Alora

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