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Surplus Princess Drama Review

I could go on, but I will refrain because that is a lot of gifs up there. I was really happy about this drama and up until the last five minutes of it I really really liked it. I have friends who were also watching it and also liked it! The most we had to worry about is whether or not Song Jae Rim was going to get the girl because that was the reason that we were all watching it. Then the ending happened and it ruined everything that was good about the drama because that ending was horrendous. We will talk about that later though. Let's talk about why this drama was so fun first. 

This drama is a retelling of "The Little Mermaid" and if there is one thing that I love, it is a retold fairy tale. In this drama we follow the story of Princess Aileen later known as Ha Ni. She is a mermaid who has a cellphone and loves pop culture. 

The only thing that she loves more than her cell phone is Shi Kyung played by Song Jae Rim. There is one more thing that she loves more than his handsome good looks though, and that is his butt. 

In the first few episodes there are a lot of shots like this one. She also kisses him a few times and she straight up grabs his butt, it's.....interesting.......

I guess is would make sense that she likes his butt though since that is the angle that she is at looking up at him from the water all the time. 

Ha Ni is desperate to become human so she can meet Shi Kyung and live happily ever after with him. To do this, she finds Ahn Ma Nyeo the witch and steals the potion that will give her legs. There's a catch though, if she doesn't find her true love in 100 days, she will turn into sea foam. 

To help her, Ma Nyeo takes her to the Surplus House where she is to live with this happy bunch

And the last member of this house is this cutey patooty 

His name is Hyun Myung played by On Joo Wan and he is our second male lead. There is absolutely nothing to not like about him but because I am on Team Song Jae Rim, he was in the way and made me a little irrationally irritated at his cuteness and loveability.

One more thing before I talk about why I'm angry, (I'm just trying to put it off and not thing about it) there were three really fun pop culture references in this drama

1) Attack on Titan 

This is one of the team leaders at JH Foods and the first handful of times that she showed up, she would always slowly appear from behind something while the opening bars of "Attack on Titan" would play in the background. It was pretty great. 

2) GD's "Crooked"

Poor Do Ji Yong, he just wants to be loved. When he finally realizes that Ha Ni doesn't love him like he loves her he suddenly turns into GD and dramatically runs through a fish market while "Crooked" played in the backgroud

3) Heirs "Do I like You?"

No picture here, but when one of our couples gets together, we had the quote of the year appear and then Lee Hong Ki's "I'm Saying" started to play in the background. 

Well, here we are, the end. I would like to say that after this there will be spoilers and anger, you have been warned. 

Okay, let's do this




Who decided that that ending was a good idea?! Okay, I can accept that Ha Ni ends up with Hyun Myung, I can. I watched Nail Salon Paris (unfortunately), and in that drama Song Jae Rim was the second male lead and he is the one that got the girl. Spoiler, but guess what, it was a sucky drama so don't watch it anyway. I just assume this is K-drama karma getting back at him for getting the girl as a second male lead. A few episodes before the end I had decided that Hyun Myung was probably going to get Ha Ni, and even though I didn't like it, I could accept it. It was a good drama and that is what would carry me through the sadness that I would feel at the end. 


Why did Ha Ni disappear after the 100 days? Wasn't she all annoyingly happy with Hyun Myung? I have to admit though, they were super cute. Then, after she disappears, we fast forward a year. Okay, that is also acceptable, we have to see what happens to the people after Ha Ni turned into sea foam. Everyone is happy, they are doing their thing even with an underlying sadness that Ha Ni left behind. I'm confused as to how this will wrap up in  two minutes, but okay. 

All our main players are at Surplus House enjoying each others company when a freak light bolt hits the groups next to them and all of a sudden Ha Ni appears Thor style where the lighting struck. 

What makes this weirder though is that none of the people are shocked about this, they all just look at her and smile like Percy Ha Ni Jackson frequently dramatically touches down in a bolt of lightening on a weekly basis. THEN Ha Ni dramatically looks at the camera and we get a "I'll be back" note on the screen. And scene. 

Please go back up to the top of the post and look at the chain of gifs again and then return to this point. 

How does that ending make any sense at all. Any sense at all. The rules that we had in the drama were the rules that we already knew from the original "Little Mermaid" story. Mermaid gets legs, falls in love, ultimately dies. I didn't think that Ha Ni would die though because that completely didn't fit with the tone of the story so I was surprised when Ha Ni disappeared. After that though, I though the writers would pull some sort of Rooftop Prince ending on us. Maybe Ha Ni somehow ended up in mermaid limbo and Ma Nyeo would save her and bring her back and she and Hyun Myung would live happily ever after. 

It's too bad that this was the way the drama ended because it was a really good drama but this horrible ending has ruined everything. As I was watching this, I was in love with the story and would have told everyone to watch it because it was so fun and easy, but now I don't think I would tell anyone to watch this. Maybe people who watch the drama for Oh Joo Won would like it more because he was the winner, but unless there is going to be a part two that  explains the mermaid lightening princess, I am not pleased. 

This drama was about a cute bunch of surplus humans and one surplus mermaid, but, in my opinion, it just ended up being a surplus drama. 

~ Alora   

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