Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Super Junior Evanesce MV Review

So much Super Junior! I love it and Super Junior comebacks seem extra special to me because they are always doing individual promotions or subunit things so to see everyone together makes my little E.L.F heart happy. I'm not going to say that I am unhappy with the song selections for the repackage, but I did think that it was weird that they didn't make new songs like they usually do. I have come to the realization why though and even though it makes me sad, I have accepted it.

Heechul and Eunhyuk are my favorite members and I think that I am pretty comfortable saying that Shindong might be number three. It makes me really sad that Shindong is so often written off by people for being 'fat' and a myriad of other things. Shindong is essential to Super Junior! He's choreographed a lot of their dances and I have also heard that he helps with the production side of Super Junior activities. Not to mention that he is just super funny and seems like a person that everyone would be friends with.

Back on topic, when I first listened to "This is Love" I was super bummed that they picked a song that Shindong had zero lines in. Zero. He also has zero lines in "Evanesce" and he also got the shaft face time wise as well. What I found out though is that he played a large part in the MV production and this supposedly is his last gift to E.L.F before he leaves for the army.

So, yeah. I guess it makes sense to use an existing song that doesn't have him in it than to write completely new songs. That doesn't makes me any less sad though. I think that Shindong's part in the video was also really beautiful since I'm being sentimental and stuff right now. He only had one shot and it was a hazy shot too. It was a little like he wasn't totally there and he will blow away with a stray wind. I'm going to miss him!

I must say that I really liked both this video and "This is Love" since they are in the same set with the same outfits but with a completely different feel. This video really reminds me of the "Neorago" video which is definitely one of my favorite Super Junior videos. Specifically the drama version since that song has a million three different versions. I really like the one shot effect that they used in "This is Love" and while this video didn't go for a one shot shoot, it had it's own unique cuts in between members. Kyuhyun puts his hand on the piano but when we pan back up to his face, it's Kangin. Kangin leans down to pick up a rose, but Siwon is the one to actually pick it up. This continues through all the members until Ryeowook changes into Eunhyuk and we get super awesome dance time!

Eunhyuk is definitely one of the best dancers in SM. Even if you don't like Super Junior (crazy people) you have to admit that Eunhuyk can dance. I'm not sure if I knew that there was going to be this dance but I loved it. All the movements are so sharp and clean and the filming was nice too. I liked that it wasn't in a separate room from everything else. SM once again was able to use this set wisely and I also liked the way the lights were going on and off as they were dancing. It gave the whole thing a very ethereal effect which I had been feeling throughout the whole video.

After this number Eunhyuk turns into Donghae completing the member tranformations . I do not have words for how happy I am about this Super Junior comeback! I feel like everything that they have done has been so good! "Mamacita" was an interesting video with a good song and even though the repackage songs are in a box set (the same box set even) they are good videos that hold interest. This is easily one of my top comebacks of the year. I don't care what anyone says, I don't care if you call me biased, this comeback is amazing. A-ma-zing.

Let me take a deep breath and get back on track. *deep breath*

You know how when you are really into something and then you make an offhand comment that surprises you and/or everyone around you? That happened to me when I finished this video.

In "This is Love" there is a dance number with Donghae and Eunhyuk. It is a lot like the one in "Evanesce" minus the spinning camera.

Then at the end of "Evanesce", like I already said, Eunhyuk turns into Donghae. Donghae has tears running down his face and he exits potentially the same way that Kyuhyun came in at the beginning. Now, when the song ended I didn't think, "Man! That was an awesome video!". No. My first thought was, "It's okay Donghae. Even though Eunhyuk decided to dance with someone else, you're still his favorite." That is the sight of a true E.L.F, or a crazy person. Those two things can be interchangeable. That could also be said of any fandom that has ever been created ever though.

I am sad that Super Junior time is over now. Sure, they are still promoting their album, it's not like it's over, but after this, who knows when they will have another album out. Well, maybe it's not that much of a secret. They will probably put out another album around the time that Yesung comes back from the army. This would follow the SM trend, but that would also mean that another album would be coming out around summer of next year. Sexy, Free, and Single did come out a year after Mr. Simple so we will see how SM handles Yesung's home coming and a new album.

Whatever happens, I'm glad that this happened and I'm excited for Yesung to comeback, but I'm also really sad to see Shindong leave. Sungmin is also going to leave soon, but he's also getting married! There is certainly never a dull moment being an E.L.F!

~ Alora 

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