Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hyde, Jekyll, Me Drama Review

Not going to lie, I'm glad that drama is over. I was excited to watch this drama because I like Hyun Bin and I like Han Ji Min and I was loving Kill Me Heal Me so I of course am going to love this right? Wrong. This drama was really boring and on paper it doesn't seem boring. There is a man with DID, hypnosis, kidnapping, secrets, self discovery! It was all nonsensical and boring though. What the heck?

This reminds me of what happened back in 2012 when The Master's Sun and Who Are You? both came out. The concept was similar but one drama was way better than the other. In the ghostly case, the former is better than the later.

One of my main issues is that Han Ji Min's character Jung Ha Na was annoying and very narrow minded. She was so wrapped up in Robin that she couldn't admit to herself that he and Goo Seo Jin were the same person! Yes, at the beginning they were very different, but the fact that she had her heels in so deep even when Seo Jin and Robin started to merge at the end was what bothered me the most. Especially at the end when she was watching the birthday video and she was looking at "Robin". I couldn't decide if I wanted to smack her or if I should even care enough that she was so dumb.

Hyun Bin was great though. This was totally the Hyun Bin show and everyone else was an after thought because Hyun Bin. He did wonderful as Seo Jin and Robin but one good actor does not a good drama make. It's kind of like what happened in Iljimae with Lee Joon Ki. He was good, the story and everyone else were not.

Something that confused me was that this drama was about Seo Jin's problem with Robin and his journey to become healthy and accept that part of him. About half way through the drama I realized that Seo Jin was taking a back seat and Robin was sort of becoming the main character. If the drama had ended with Seo Jin disappearing and Robin becoming the dominant personality I would not have been surprised at all. I think that the writer didn't know what to do after they got rid of Sung Joon's character.

His story arc was interesting for a while and then I felt like it got redundant. There was also that whole insta-hypnotism thing that was happening which was weird. When he was finally captured and put in jail, we saw him a few times and they he disappeared. I would have liked to have seen him and Seo Jin interact once they both came to terms to with their demons since those demons were born from the same event.

Even through all of these weird things, what really got me was the ending of episode 19 (spoilers, duh). What the heck was that marriage? Who decided that was a good idea? Was that suppose to be romantic because to me it was rather idiotic. I don't even think that I can say that I was so done by the end of the drama I didn't care what they did. That marriage didn't make any sense and there is nothing that you can say to change my mind!

Also, what happened to Terry? He was mentioned and then he might have almost appeared, and then the writers just kind of pretended that it never happened. I'm also still a little confused about what happened 5 years ago. I understand there was a girl and that is when Terry showed up, but what actually happened? If Terry really had shown up we could have had a really cool villain.

This drama had potential to be awesome. Anyone who watched Kill Me Heal Me knows that the DID story line works but in this case, the story was so slow and weird that it just didn't work. I wanted this drama to be good and after a slow start I thought the drama had hit its stride for a second only to realize that the weird pacing was just something that I was going to have to live with. Hyun Bin was literally the only good thing about this drama with Sung Joon a distant second but that's because Sung Joon's character was a little weird, but I could listen to Sung Joon read a Korean encyclopedia, his voice is beautiful. 

So much disappointment. 

~ Alora

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