Friday, March 13, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me Drama Review

And another great drama comes to a close. It wasn't without a few faults, but those can be overlooked because the good far outweighs the small things I had issues with. I mean dang, Ji Sung alone is enough reason to watch this drama. He was absolutely phenomenal in not only playing his role as Cha Do Hyun but six other people as well of all ages, interests, and even gender.

The only thing that I knew about Ji Sung going into this drama was that he was married to Lee Bo Young who I quite like. Now seeing him in action, if their future children have even a fraction of their parents acting chops, they are going to be unstoppable.

I loved the life that Ji Sung was able to bring into all of Do Hyun's alters. They all felt like real people and you cared for them all as well. It would be easy to say that Shin Se Gi was my favorite personality and he was very good, but in my heart of hearts, I think that Yo Sub was my favorite. Maybe it was the calm that he brought to an otherwise crazy bunch of "people" and the understanding that he had for Do Hyun and Ri Jin. Which is why I am super angry that he got majorly shafted at the end. 

Yo Sub was probably the smartest of all the alters and it is a good thing because he could feel an ending coming and knew to say an early goodbye. Everyone got proper endings except him! Perry Park made me cry a little and everyone else made me equally sad minus the few tears. But Yo Sub's good bye was interrupted when he got kicked across the room by Ri On a few episodes prior. Why!? He never got his gift! He never go to write his poem! I am literally so angry at how Yo Sub went. Gah! 

His sister Yo Na did get a really nice ending though which I liked. Yo Na was such a piece of work and Ji Sung's ability to turn into a 17 year old, idol obsessed high schooler was uncanny. He had the voice, the walk, even the run, it was amazing. When Yo Na left, we were finally able to see her soft side as she grudgingly thanked Ri Jin for knowing how to fight and being like an older sister to her. 

I was a little worried at the end when we suddenly were given the mysterious Mr. X. Throwing in a new character at the very end? That sounds like it could be disastrous. Mr. X was a nice extra though and stuck around just long enough to give Do Hyun that final push he needed to learn the final secret in the dark past that he had been unwinding. 

When reading some other people's reactions to Mr. X some said that they were sad that Mr. X and Ri Jin never met.........for reasons.......I won't say here. I actually like that they never met. Mr. X and Do Hyun had that private moment and I believe that Mr. X was made for Do Hyun. His creation did stem from Ri Jin, but they didn't need to meet. I feel that if they did, it would have been a little weird. I also though if Nana and Ri Jin met it would be weird but that was a beautiful moment. The writer of this drama seriously outdid herself. 

The only big issue that I had with this drama in the episode 10-14 area the story got pretty dark and bogged down by the flashbacks. I think that it was in episode 14, but the entire first 10 minutes of the drama were flashbacks. Oh my gosh. The drama had also been consistently good at mixing dark moments with lighter funny moments and there were very few laughs and a whole lot of  tears during these episodes. I was worried that we had hit the dreaded half way point of no return, but luckily the story fell beck into what it had been before the constant sadness.  

The ending propelled us forward a year which I didn't mind. I think that this type of story needs that type of epilogue because of all the stories that we got. What I wasn't so keen on though is that we find Do Hyun chopping wood at Ri Jin's house and Dad comes up and calls and treats him like Perry Park. So, what, do the parents think she's dating Perry Park? Do they even know that she's dating? Telling them that Perry isn't actually Perry seems like an important piece of information. It would be a hard piece of information for them to take in, but they need to know. It's been a year already, when will that be resolved?  

So, while this drama wasn't perfect (is there such a thing?) it was wonderful. Ji Sung is incredible and he deserves all the awards next year. Some people can't even play on person properly and he played seven. Ji Sung was the only person that I mentioned in this post because there is so much to say and I could say more, but all the actors did so well in their part. Hwang Jung Eum as the outspoken and bold Ri Jin, Park Seo Joon as the conflicted and protective older brother Ri On and all the other characters. I will say that I wish Kim Yoo Ri's character Chae Yeon had been used more, but done is done and it was all done rather well. 

~ Alora  

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