Tuesday, March 24, 2015

F.T.Island Pray MV Review

This song is freaking amazing. Like, dang son. I'm completely obsessed with this song. I actually forgot that it had come out this weekend and here it is Wednesday and I am just hearing it. Shame on me. In my defense I am not a Primadonna in any way shape or form. I do have some of their singles in my iTunes and I like the dramas that Hongki has done, but I don't know anything about the group. F.T.Island and CNBlue are in the same boat for me. They are groups that I have often wanted to look into and just never have.

When I do think of F.T.Island though I think of pop rock like "I Wish", "I Hope", and power ballad kind of stuff like "Severely". All are very good songs but none of them have the heavy strictly rock feel that is in this song. As soon as the song started I knew that it was going to be good and if I hadn't been in the office with two other teachers I might have let out a might "YAS!" or "Yawp" for the English nerds out there.

What makes this song even better is that F.T.Island made this album themselves. This song is more who they are than any other song that they have done and I love that. When I am in K-pop mode I may sometimes have the musical taste of a teenager, but in the English sphere of music this is what I listen to. I love this heavy rock sound and depending on what they whole album sounds like, I might need to buy it. We'll see.

 I am always interested in songs with some sort of religious undertone because the message of a song can go any which way. It is a plea? Is it a shout of joy? Is it some sort of metaphor? For this song it is a plea for help. Hongki (since he is singing) cries over a world that is full of darkness and even though he doesn't want to, that darkness is beginning to consume him as well. He is praying because it is the only thing that is helping him hold on and even then you have to ask, does he even believe in what he is doing?

The video itself is pretty simple. Most of the the videos that I have seen of them (maybe all) does show them playing their instruments but there is also some sort of story going on. The story might not always be good, but there is normally a story present. This video focuses mostly on the band ripping into their instruments and it is amazing to watch. People who play instruments are already cool, but to watch someone be able to play something with such passion takes it to another level.

The camera work of the video is also wonderful. The black and white is beautifully done as is the jerky camera movement which adds to the feel of the song. They are falling into a despair they have no control over. This is also shown with those creepy guys with the black and white faces looking at the band. They have an almost hungry look about their face as if once they can break through that wall, they will go after F.T.Island like zombies, or rabid fangirls.

This is one of those music videos that are both visually and musically appealing. I literally love everything about what is happening here. It is just too bad that when they promote this song on music shows they aren't going to be able to do it live. This song would be absolutely amazing live. If there is this much power in a video they could probably destroy a small in a live performance. Now, to listen to the album because if it is anything like this song it might be the new thing I listen to for forever.

~ Alora

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