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Donghae and Eunhyuk Growing Pains MV Review

I am pretty sure that there are two Donghae and Eunhyuks. There are the crazy people who promote in Japan and wear bright suits and sing about motorcycles and wear questionable costumes and then there are the Donghae and Eunhyuk who release more relaxed and adult songs and videos in Korea. I mean seriously they go from this

To this

But then again I can answer my own question by say, what do you expect? They are members of Super Junior who are some of the biggest weirdos out there and that is why we love them 

Back to the song at hand, I think this is a wonderful song. It has that older K-pop sound before everyone decided that they were bad boys and girls. Last year I was pleasantly surprised to hear a few debut songs that went against the boy band route sound wise and I hope that this year we will get more things that sound like this. Give me traditional boy bands and jazzy pop! That's all I want! Is that too much to ask?

I also like that this song even though they is only a Super Junior sub unit, it still has that Super Junior sound. I could totally hear this being sung by the whole group on an album. That is probably because Donghae contributed to the creation of this song and that is the main reason why artists should try to have a hand in their own music. A random person can write a piece of music that fits your sound and image, it happens all the time, but for a person to truly have their own sound, they have to write their own music. That way it's truly theirs and not something that could be passed off on to someone else. 

Speaking of passing things off to someone else, I am pretty sure that SM realized that buying all those mics for SHINee's "Dream Girl" comeback was more expensive than they anticipated because they have been used in Super Junior's "This is Love", Jonghyun's "Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)" and now this song. Where will we see them next? 

SM seems to be stepping up their music video game recently, prop sharing aside. Zhou Mi's video had a weird story and Amber's sets weren't mind blowing, but even those videos were better than the usual oddly lit rooms that SM usually locks their artists in. Donghae and Eunhyuk are outside! Real outside, not fake outside! They were outside in their last video "Still You" as well. And it wasn't Korea out either! It was London outside! It makes me wonder if their small numbers have something to do with it. DBSK never goes outside though, but with the way they attract crazy people, they probably can't go outside. Calm it down crazy people!  

But, just because this video was way better than past videos doesn't mean that it was safe from the pitfall that is a weird video story. What I get from it is that Donghae is going under hypnotism to forget something and Eunhyuk is sad because his girlfriend gave her ring back.

The two guys walk by each other and Eunhyuk knocks into Donghae hard and gives him the look of death

Donghae then later sees Eunhyuk's girlfriend and has these flashbacks about them together. So, what, you stole your best friend's girl friend and couldn't live with the guilt so you had it wiped from your memory? That also doesn't explain why she doesn't remember him. But, then again, this is a music video and in music video land an entire group can date the same girl without any negative repercussions.

Eunhyuk tries to go get his lady love back (and runs into someone else in the process) and is once again rejected. He then also goes to the hypnotist and I'm guessing has his memory wiped. Donghae at this point though seems to remember everything and when Eunhyuk walks past him in the end, Eunhyuk doesn't acknowledge Donghae. 

Does this mean that Donghae has been erased from Eunhyuk's memory? It seems like he would need to be if  he did actually steal Eunhuyk's girlfriend. Then, even though Eunhyuk remembers nothing, all of Donghae's memories have come back. Does that mean that Eunhyuk's will come back if he randomly sees his ex on the streets? 

I will say that at least this video, even though it's weird, makes more sense that Zhou Mi's video about time travel or whatever was happening there. 

The video was pretty though, I especially liked those areal shots of where ever they were dancing. The muted color of the video was also lovely and added to the sad feeling of the video. It almost made me forget to be confused. I will take these weird stories if it means that there will be better sets for the stories. SM is taking baby steps but at least they are baby steps in the right direction. 

Next to come: album review! Spoiler: it's a pretty awesome album except for one bit of weirdness. Seriously, who thought that was a good way to start the album? 

~ Alora 

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