Friday, March 6, 2015

Unkind Women - First Impressions

Finally this drama has been subbed! Like, dang, I have been waiting for a week and then the new school year also started this week so I haven't had any time to do anything, but now I do! The time has come to catch up on all the things that have been on the blog back burner! Let's do this.

I think that it is well known that I have a great love for Song Jae Rim. I will admit that he hasn't been in any phenomenal dramas, but you can tell that he is better than the dramas that he is in. Let's hope that this drama is the really good one that will lead to a whole chain of really good dramas.

For as much as I started to watch this drama for Song Jae Rim, in the first two episodes he has been in it for about five minutes and has only had a handful of lines. This drama is definitely for the ladies in the sense that all the main characters are female and is following the issues that they have had and do have in their lives. It actually reminds me of an Amy Tan novel because of this. Amy Tan writes stories about women, mothers and daughters discovering their past and who they are in the present and becoming a closer family because of it.

The people in this family are matriarch Kang Soon Ok (Kim Hye Ja), her daughters Kim Hyun Sook (Chae Shi Ra) and Kim Hyun Jung (Do Ji Won), and Hyun Sook's daughter Jung Ma Ri (Lee Ha Na). Ma Ri is a humanities professor whose class has been canceled because of a misunderstanding and is trying to save her class, job, and reputation; Hyun Jung is a broadcaster whose job is being eyed by younger and "prettier" girls in the company; Hyun Sook is the most pathetic of the group, she feels as though she didn't receive as much love (and I don't think she did either) as her sister and was expelled from high school by her teacher Na Hyun Ae (Seo Yi Seok) and never finished. She gambles and is depressed and lives in this vicious circle.

During a particularly low moment in her life she runs away from home to visit her father's grave but finds new meaning in her life (which is revenge) when she reads a newspaper article about Hyun Ae and a book she was writing about stamping out the "bad seeds" in school. After passing out by the grave she is taken to the home of a woman named Jang Mo Ran (Jang Mi Hee) who turns out to be the woman that her father had an affair with years ago and is dying from an unspecified illness.

Two episodes of a Korean drama right there. So much information and I just skimmed over the important things.

From these two episodes I am getting the feeling that Hyun Sook might be the main character because she has the largest story thus far, but at the same time Ma Ri is the younger character and she was the first person we met so I assumed that she was the main character. I am further led to believe that this is Hyun Sook's story because even though she and Ma Ri are front and center in the drama poster, Hyun Sook is the most forward character.

As for our lone male character, Lee Roo O, he is the taekwondo master at the school and sees Ma Ri's misfortune and feels a little sorry for her, but that is as far as it goes. He has more of an attitude of "this woman is kind of pathetic. I'm going to help her" rather than a romantic interest. I really do hope that he will eventually get more screen time even though I know this drama isn't about him. At this point in the drama he feels like a pretty accessory to the story that is being wound around all these women. I thought that I would feel sad about that because he is the reason this bliped on my radar but I have found myself at peace at this discovery.

I stated that I like Amy Tan books and I really do. I love reading her books and peeling back the years and generations of the women that she writes about to learn why a character is the way that they are. The characters are missing pieces from themselves, sometimes they know sometimes they don't what those pieces are and because we only have as much information as the character it almost becomes a mystery novel as we wonder and learn with them.

I am really excited to watch this drama from the first two episodes. It has this potential to be very heartfelt and I hope that with all the characters and plot lines that we are going to eventually start diving in to, the writers don't end up in over their heads and lose track of whatever message they want to convey to us as an audience.

~ Alora

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