Thursday, March 26, 2015

Winter Favorites 2015

Spring is starting to spring in Korea and it's about time too! It has been so cold for so long and even though I did enjoy wearing my winter jacket I was seriously getting tired of having to wear it everywhere. It's still not warm enough to go completely sans jacket, but I don't have to layer to the point where "I can't put my arms down". Gold star for whoever gets that reference. For everyone else, go watch this. Merry Christmas.

Hello Venus - Wiggle Wiggle

I don't hate this song or the dance for that matter either, I actually kind of "like it, like it" to quote the song. I know that this is only the dance practice, but for the actual video with this dance it could have gone south really fast. The camera could have been all up in these girls' business and made it weird, but the video kind of feels like a bunch of girls got together to dance and there happened to be a camera around. The video and song don't blow my mind, but there is a catchiness to the song that I cannot deny!

Jung Yong Hwa - Checkmate 

I am a casual CNBlue fan, they have awesome music, but I just have never given myself the time to really sit down and get to know the group and I berate myself for that occasionally but obviously not enough to actually do something about it. Yong Hwa's solo debut is another reminded that he is awesome because the three songs that he has promoted have all been awesome. I really had to think about if I wanted to put this song of "Mileage" because both are really good in different ways. I also like that he is staying for this same rock vibe that we get from CNBlue. Yes to everything.

Eddy Kim - Apologize

Eddy Kim is another person that I am a casual fan of. Whenever he puts out a new song I listen and I swoon and then I move on. I may have to remedy this problem. I also had a decision to make with this song because the one that came after "My Love" is also wonderful and the video is super cute. 

The Legend - Trace

The Legend is one of the groups that debuted last year that I have been kind of following. I don't really know anything about them other than the guy that starts singing at about the 0:45 mark is my favorite because I love his voice and I also learned that his name is Listen which I have mixed feelings about. I have been pretty impressed with the songs that they have released too. They have been pretty consistent and the videos have been simple which is a nice break from the craziness of some other things. I would really like to see them bloom as a group this year.  

Amber - Beautiful 

I think it is a little unexpected, but Amber is the first member of f(x) to get a solo debut. If I had to guess I would have said Luna just because she is the main singer of the group. Unlike the other recent SM soloists I had no idea what to expect from Amber because to me she didn't have a sound like all the others. Her official debut song "Shake That Brass" was a very fun song and video but for some reason I like "Beautiful" better. Maybe it is because this song is unexpected and quite beautiful and "Shake That Brass", to me, wasn't as interesting as I hoped that it would be. It was okay but it didn't grab me like "Beautiful". 

Heyne - My Heart

Ever since Heyne has debuted I have loved her. Her voice is so unique and she is so tiny I just want to put her in my pocket. This song is different than the other three that she has released because she normally has a really upbeat and fun sound, but this is more subdued but stills gives her room to really sing and she can sing. Her voice definitely isn't for everyone because it is so high pitched and childish sounding, but it makes her stand out and I love it. 

Minah - I Am A Woman Too 

I started the post with a song that I was surprised that I liked and I am ending the post with a song that I am surprised that I like. I'm going to be honest, Girl's Day has never done it for me. I don't enjoy their songs or their videos, but here I am saying that I liked this song. I don't know why I like it, but I do. Maybe it is the easiness of the song. It is smooth and kind of sexy but without the in your faceness that I usually don't enjoy in the Girl's Day songs.

And there you have it. Winter is over so bring on the peppy and colorful spring and summer. I am ready!

~ Alora 


  1. Thanks Alora for your excellent recommendations. My playlists are fuller because of you.

    1. You are very welcome and I hope that you had an amazing time in Korea!