Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hogu's Love Drama Review

That drama certainly wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but I sure liked it! I also liked that this drama did handle issues that are very taboo in the world and especially Korea in a very mature way. The writers and actors in this drama weren't over the top caricatures, they were real people dealing with real problems. With Misaeng before this and now the drama Angry Mom on the air, I would like to see Korea bringing these issues to the table and showing that bad things to happen and we need to accept them and change things so that our society can become better.

The three big issues that this drama tackled was single motherhood, sexuality, and (spoiler) rape. The writer treated these things true to life in the way that yes, they happen and no, no one wants to talk about these things. They don't happen right? They are events that should be swept under the rug and not dug out because if these things happen it is YOUR FAULT. Especially the rape thing, but we will get to that nonsense later.

The main focus of this drama was of UEE character Do Do Hee trying to hide her baby from the paparazzi and trying to get her life back in order. Before having the baby UEE almost had a abortion and was lying on the table before she changes her mind and decides to have the baby. I am a wait until marriage pro-life (unless there are extenuating circumstances) person and by the end knowing the truth about Do Hee made me like her decision not to abort her baby even more. She was a brave (fictional) woman to be able to do that.

The next big issue tackled was Seulong's character Byun Kang Chul and his sexual identity. While in high school he though Ho Gu's, Ho Kyung, was Ho Gu which caused him a six year time period of him thinking he was gay. In the end he realized the truth and while I am glad that he and Ho Kyung could be happy, I am sure that there are people who wish that he could have really been gay. After Kang Chul came to the conclusion that maybe he was really gay we saw how it effected him, his family, and those around. His mother and father were devastated, there was a possibility that he could loose his job, and his "friends" all abandoned him.

Third and most infuriating in the "shun the different one trio" is the topic of rape. For some reason when a woman (or man for that matter) are assaulted, it becomes the victims fault. They somehow were asking for it or, worse, deserved it. No one "deserves: to be attacked, just like no one deserves to be bullied; more on that when Angry Mom comes to a conclusion.

Hogu and Do Hee try to bring justice to Do Hee and Geum Dong but in the end, the assault was her fault because she didn't resist enough or some crap like that. The the man in question's fan club and various other people came to his aid saying that Do Hee was an attention seeking tramp. This is something that happens all the time in our society and even though I hate that it happened in this drama, I am also glad in a weird way. It makes the drama more "real to life" and hopefully people can see this and realize what the "normal" is, is wrong.

It would also be nice if women who are in the same situation as Do Hee use her as an example. I know that sounds cheesy, but she could be a role model. She is someone who went through this horrible experience and was able to come out on top.

The drama was a fun mix of dark and light and because of that was able to bring these real issues to the table but not make its watchers hate the world in everyone in it. Even though this world isn't fair and those who should be taken care of are cast aside, there are still some "hogus" out there who are willing to see the good. Maybe we should all try to get in touch with our inner hogu's, it would probably make the world a better place.

~ Alora

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