Monday, February 23, 2015

VIXX Love Equation MV Review

This is definitely not a VIXX that we have seen in a while but it is still majorly cute if maybe a little cringe inducing, but it's definitely a video that makes you smile. After listening to the inspiration song, you know that this video will probably have a cute concept, but it's another thing entirely to see it. It's also videos like this that makes me wonder if Leo ever questions his life choices. He wasn't as awkward as I thought he would be though and Ken was obviously in his element the whole time this was filmed.

In a lot of the shots of this video I was also glad to see that VIXX looked like they were legitimately having fun. There is definitely a different between a fake smile and a real smile and there was a lot of real smiles happening in this video and that makes my heart happy. They K-pop industry is a scary place and it is good to see that there is some happiness up in there occasionally.

Upon first watch I was completely smitten with VIXX and all the cuteness that they brought to the video which of course is the point. I'm a little smitten every time I watch it to be honest. This is a fan service video plain and simple and I am not immune to its charm. After trying to wipe the sparkles from my eyes though, from all the videos that VIXX has ever done this is definitely on the bottom (top for cute though). It's a little weird to see them go for the cutey boy concept when they haven't done it in a while. I don't dislike the cuter things they do, but a cute video doesn't necessarily mean a good video.

I have come to expect really interesting videos from VIXX whether it be something "simple" like "G.R.8.U" or going full blast macabre in "Voo Doo Doll" and this video doesn't have that special VIXX feel that I always look forward to. You could literally throw any other boy group in this video and while each group would have their own charm, a cutey boy video is a cutey boy video. I like it when there is uniqueness in a video and that is definitely lacking here.

Something that confused me about this video was that weird moment that N had with that girl at that equally strange bus stop. Is that the bus stop to the underworld because its so dark and nothing seems to be surrounding it. I almost expected N to kiss that girl because it reminded me of that time that he was in Brian's video "Let This Die" with Ravi and Leo. Also, that song is dang good and it features Tiger JK, there is a lot going for it. After rewatching the video I have found that those two scenes are nothing a like, but I got to relisten to this song so it's a win win here.

I'm trying really hard to try to be a little more objective in my reviews this year and man it's hard right now. I just want to gush about how cute they all are, but pretty faces does not a good video make! Even so I'm just going to leave this here.

Dang, son.

As for the song itself I don't know what to say about it because it was altered for VIXX, but it isn't a VIXX song. It sounds nice and peppy but it doesn't sound like them necessarily. I don't dislike it at all, it's very fun but compared to their other songs with this upbeat feel, it doesn't really match up. This is a 90s pop song and no matter how much they revamp it, it will still be a 90s pop song. I think that I am just feeling really confused about the concept as a whole after being fed darkness for so long.

With this violent concept change I wonder what they will do for their next comeback. Unless I am making things up, I think I remember saying that all the dark concepts that they have done are kind of like a set of some sort and "Error" was the last in that concept set. Am I making this up? Someone help me, please!

Just as a last note: Hyuk got to sing! Twice! What?! It's a Christmas miracle!

Overall, the video: cute but no substance and the song: cute and catchy but not totally theirs. This comeback is okay but not up to the level that I have come to expect from VIXX. It is a cover though so I am taking this comeback with a grain of salt. I am curious to see if the whole album will be a 90s throwback as well. Let's go find out!

~ Alora


  1. I read this YouTube comment that N's girlfriend seems like one of the members cross-dressing and once I looked at that scene, it really does seem like it! Like the body shape doesn't seem like a girl's and plus I saw the making video and they showed that scene from a side view in a brighter light and even the side view doesn't look like a girl! Have a feeling it's Ravi, judging from the nose haha.

    1. I watched that VIXX TV episode and that hair was definitely looking a little wig-ish. I am also starting to get curious whenever we don't see the girls face in a music video. When there is a girl it's usually a big deal, it's when it's brushed under the rug it's gets suspicious. lol