Tuesday, February 24, 2015

VIXX Boys' Record Mini Album Review

I have learned since listening to this mini album that I am probably the only one who is totally amazed by the two songs because they aren't really "new" songs. I guess they were performed at the Hex Sign concert and since I have kind of gotten out of my concert video/variety show/candid stuff phase I didn't hear about it. I'm not too sad about that though because I got to hear the song "Memory" for the first time and I am OBSESSED with it. Like dang, it has been on repeat on Youtube since yesterday because it wasn't on iTunes when I checked, but now it is and I definitely need that song in my life.

I really like that Hyuk is getting his moment to shine in this song because he doesn't get a lot of singing parts in the VIXX songs. I totally understand why though: his voice is still settling since he is the youngest member but maybe this song is the beginning of a new era for Hyuk.

What really draws me to this song is the vast differences in Hyuk and Ravi's parts. Hyuk's part is very big and orchestral. I particularly like the "bye bye bye" part, that's really pretty. Then we get to Ravi and his accompaniment has a more military feel and the transition between the two parts are never awkward and they flow into each other very well. I'm seriously obsessed with this song.

The other song on the mini album "Cold Night" (not counting the title song) was written by Leo. I knew that Ravi wrote one song and Leo wrote the other and as soon as this song started I knew it was Leo. He would write a balled.

I quite like this song too, it's slow without being so slow that I dislike it. VIXX is one of the groups that I will actually listen to the mid-tempo and ballads because they are a group with some really solid singers. They all have different tones and bring something different to the group.

I seem to be going backward, the first song on the album is, of course, "Love Equation" which is so different from the two previous songs, but like I said in my review it was rearranged for VIXX but it's not a VIXX song. I do like the song though, it's a fun and peppy song and I can't help but smile whenever I listen to it. It is a song to play at a summer pool party with your friends. I was unsure if I was going to buy this song along with the other two, but I think I am. I cannot deny the easy charm that it has.

Overall, these three songs are an interesting trio to put onto one album since they are all so different. They do a good job of showing the different things that VIXX can do though. It's like a VIXX sound byte. It also makes me wonder what other things that have in store for the future!

~ Alora  

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