Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healer Drama Review

Yes, yes, yes. A million times yes and then some. This drama was perfect from the story, to the characters, to the ending. This ending gave me what I wanted from City Hunter and was denied. Don't get me wrong, that drama was fantastic, but I flipped a small table when the characters kind of looked at each other and then walked away dramatically. Why do writer do things like that?

First off, I almost didn't watch this drama. I had heard about it, but didn't take the time to look into it. It wasn't until I read a recap on Dramabeans that I realized the mistake that I was making and I then spent the next two days marathoning my missed episodes and it was a two days well spent.

When I first started watching this drama I realized that I knew more of the old actors that the young actors. I was especially happy to see that my favorite older female actress, Kim Mi Kyung, was in this drama. She did amazing in her part of Healer's hacker boss Min Ja aka Ahjumma who sits around all day knitting and making kimbap in between missions. That's why her hair is so big, she has information on everyone.

I have already said that I liked everything about this drama but what may have been one of the best things was the relationship between Young Shin and Jeong Hoo. They had one of the most refreshing relationships that I have seen in a drama in a really long time. Maybe ever, I'm unsure. What made them so amazing is that they talked to each other. If they had a problem they talked it out instead of brooding and pushing the other away. There were three instances in this drama that the writer could have pulled the noble idiocy card or dragged out a problem for a few episodes, but the issues were always resolved within 20 minutes or so because these two trusted each other enough to ask questions and talk about their problems.  

This couple also gave some of the best cuddles. Before the actual confession episode I was thinking that once they got together they would be too cute to handle and I was right! I could watch an entire drama of these two cuddling and having intelligent conversations with each other. Noble idiocy isn't wrong (occasionally) but this drama had so many other things going for it and to the degree that these two needed each other if they had some long drawn out fight it would have done absolutely nothing for the story. 

Because of this wonderful lack of relationship angst and various other factors, the mid drama lull never happened. I was never bored of this drama and when Tuesday rolled around (since I have to wait for subs) I would be desperately waiting for the episode to be uploaded. I actually started watching an episode without subs once but with the anxiety that this drama caused me along with understanding very little Korean I was resisting the urge to throw my tea cup across the room so I had to turn the episode off and wait.

Overall, this drama had some great moments from the missions executed to the interactions between the characters. I didn't even touch on all the family dynamics, but that was something else that made this drama even more heartfelt. This drama was sweet and action packed and those two things sometimes happened in the same scene at the same time. This was also a drama, like Modern Farmer that ended in a way that wrapped everything up but didn't give it a big red stamp that said END. You can see these characters lives continuing and blossoming as they all becoming better, fuller people and you care about them enough to want that to happen.

I am really excited for my friends who haven't watching this drama to being watching it and give me episode updates so I can relive everything again because this drama is totally worth a rewatch, or vicariously in this case.

~ Alora

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