Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pinocchio Drama Review

That was lovely. I have two little qualms about the last episode, but that was absolutely lovely. The story was good, the characters were all well written, and Park Shin Hye's didn't look like a scared fish when she kissed Lee Jong Suk. That last point alone is reason to watch this drama I think.

When I first heard about this drama I thought that it sounded a lot like I Hear Your Voice and lo and behold, these two dramas have the same writer and that is definitely evident from the story and I don't hate that. It was another good story and I also wonder what it would have been like if Lee Jong Suk wasn't the lead which made it seem even more similar. Again, I don't hate that. This wasn't anything new, but why fix something when it isn't broken? Don't use it until it breaks though because then everyone will hate it and that would be sad.

One awesome thing that we did get because of the writer repeat were some fun cameos from Yoon Sang Hyun as Hyung's lawyer and Jung Woong In as a someone that In Ha was (badly) defending in court.

When this drama was airing I read some articles about how much Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk liked each other and how well they got along and you can really see that in their interactions with each other. Their chemistry was great and they played off each other in such an easy way that went beyond "pretend to like this person" acting. If they ended up as a real life couple, I would totally be on board with that.

In this drama one of the things that I enjoyed most were the themes that were in it. The theme of telling the truth even when it's hard and don't let you desire to avenge the past ruin what you have in the future. This whole drama is centered on lying, the title is Pinocchio which is about a boy who can't lie. Our characters had to decide it it was easier to hide the truth and live and easy life or tell the truth and cause a giant domino effect that could take everything down. It was also fun to watch Ha Myung figure out that his vengeance wasn't the most important thing in his life. He let it rule him and it almost turned him into the person that he hated the most.

I also liked Park Shin Hye's character in this drama, she was a much more interesting character in this drama with her Pinocchio disease and the conflict that she had with her mother. I was most happy with the fact that she wasn't the girl that was constantly being thrown from boy to boy and wrist grabbed every which way (I'm looking at you Heirs).

All the characters in this drama were pretty good but I wish that some characters had more depth to them. One of them was Yoo Rae's character. She had the potential to be more fun that she was and I wish that they hadn't stuck her with being the crazy one for so long in the beginning of the drama. I also wish that we had a little more from Bum Jo and maybe more of a bromance between him and Ha Myung. He fell into the stereotypical second male lead funk at the end which is too bad because he could have been a cooler character.

My two little issues I have with the end have to do with Ha Myung's bother Jae Myung and the Yoo Rae/Cap ship.

First of all, hyung. What happened to him?! How long is his sentence? Does he get to go to the wedding? How does he feel about everything now that everything is finally over? I know his story was mainly "I killed someone now go be a real reporter" but I liked him and the way that he pushed Ha Myung to be a better person and to succeed where he failed. Jae Myung's story line ended so abruptly too. I guess that it made sense for him to be caught soon so he could help Ha Myung and if he had met Ha Myung before the murders the murders might not have happened, but I was sad he kind of slowly disappeared from the story.

Second, did the Yoo Rae/Cap ship sink or sail? I would like to think that it sailed and he didn't just continue to pick her up when she was drunk and pretend like it never happened. I did like that Yoo Rae became Nosey Jang 2.0 she's crazy enough that she is the perfect person to take over his job. Since I mentioned Nosey Jang and and couples, I am so glad that he and Im Jae Hwan got together. They compliment each other's crazy very well.

In the end, I really like this drama and even though it wasn't anything new and shiny, it still was a good drama and a good way to end my first drama of the year (even though it began last year). Let's hope that this is a sign of a good drama year! Onward! 

~ Alora

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