Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Heart to Heart - First Impressions

I feel like all is lost for me with this drama because I am firmly on the side of the second male lead. Ever since seeing Lee Jae Yoon in Golden Rainbow I've been a little in love with him even though I haven't seen him in anything else since other than Yoo Seung Woo's video "Hesitating Lips". I liked his character in that drama and he is also super handsome and he isn't the usual flower boy handsome either, he is a big guy with a very square jaw. He's also Korean-Canadian so maybe that means he also speaks English. Obviously we are perfect for each other.

What interested me most about this drama was the story line: our heroine Cha Hong Do (Choi Gang Hee) has a severe social phobia and blushes very easily and the only way she can function properly is by dressing up as an old woman. Then we have our psychiatrist Ko Yi Sok (Chun Jung Myung) who has some sort of special issue all his own that hasn't really been identified yet.

I thought that this story sounded too ridiculous to pass up and thus far it has been a very quirky little drama but I'm not sure if I am 100% on board yet. Don't get me wrong, I do like it but it is a little slow, so I hope that now we have met all of our main characters and know a little about them, it will pick up. I'm normally not disappointed in tvN though so I have faith that I will like it more with every episode.

Going back to Lee Jae Yoon's character Jang Doo Soo, what I think will happen it that this drama will take a Flower Boy Next Door turn. There is the recluse girl with the guy who likes her, but in the end, the girl goes for the new exciting boy who pushes her out of her shell. The one tiny string that I am holding on to here though is that in FBND there was not a mutual like between Dok Mi and Jin Rok, but here there is. The whole reason that Cha Hong Do is going for help is because she wants to be able to spend time with Jang Doo Soo after the failed date that happened in episode two.

Of course the whole reason that Dok Mi ended up with Enrique in that drama is because he was what she needed. Jin Rok was too nice and didn't help her become a better person and she needed pushing not gentleness. Doo Soo will probably not be able to help Hong Do on her road to recovery because he is too nice. Speaking of being too nice, Doo Soo is like Superman, I hope he continues to be Superman and doesn't actually have some dark sinister past (or present) that he is trying to cover up by being so amazing at life.

One thing that I was not expecting though was this potentially supernatural turn of events. In our story Yi Sok is seeing an ahjusshi who is potentially doing something weird with his daughter and comes to talk with Yi Sok. The problem (aside from the potential bad touch) is that whenever Yi Sok is around the ahjusshi his ears ring and his vision blurs, but when Hong Do is there, it doesn't happen. This makes me think a lot of "The Master's Sun" so I am interested to see where they take this magic cure that they are playing with.

Overall, the story is keeping me interested and the second episode was more interesting than the first so I am hoping that it will keep building like this and the drama won't let me down.

~ Alora

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