Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kill Me, Heal me - First Impressions

Aside from the fact that the beginning of this drama made me super uncomfortable, I like it so far. I don't think that I could have watched this drama if we were going to be in America for an extended period of time with the way things were going. I didn't really enjoy the beginning of Heirs either but I had an odd affection for Jay the Surfer Dude which made all the awkward LA stereotypes bearable. They did compliment/make fun of Mormons though and that is something that I never thought I would ever see in a K-drama. Maybe it's because they weren't in Korea at the time but New York.

I was actually unsure if I was going to watch this drama or not. It sounded interesting but I feel like I am being bombarded with dramas at the moment and I wanted to choose my battles and I lost this one. I feel like January is out to get me, there are so many dramas that are coming out that I want to watch and I obviously can't make choices and just choose to watch all of them. Then I have also been really wanting to rewatch Padam Padam because that drama is amazing and I can't figure out when to watch it. First world problems right there. 

Back on track though, this drama is about a man named Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) who is a third generation chaebol. On the outside he looks like the perfect person: nice, clean, giving (hence the Mormon reference at the beginning) but not all is as it seems. Do Hyun has a secret that likes to try to make itself know to the world and there is not much he can to do stop it. He is not the only person inside his head, there are six other people in there. 

As of this point we know of three and we have met two. The most powerful alter in his noggin is Shin Se Gi who is the same age as Do Hyun but the complete opposite personality wise. He is violent and impulsive and you never know what he is going to do. 

Alter two who we met briefly at the end of episode two is Perry Park who is an ahjusshi who makes bombs. Our third alter who has been mentioned but not seen is So Yup who is a suicidal 17 year old. 

Our female lead is Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) who is a first year resident psychiatrist who is a little confused at the moment. She has met two people the first was Shin Se Gi who has decided that she is his first love. She also met a confused Do Hyun when she was waiting for Shin Se Gi for the date he was forcing her on. I am thinking that probably in episode three she will figure out what is going on because in the glimpse at the next episode she meets Perry Park. 

This is a drama that could have a lot of things go wrong with it. I liked the drama It's Okay, That's Love but some of the scenarios that they played out were a little over the top but then there were also the moments that pulled at your heart stings. Thus far I am liking how the issue of Do Hyuns D.I.D is being handled but it is also a little weird because his "transformations" are made out to be a little supernatural. When he changes his eyes change color which is a nice touch because they say "eyes are the window to the soul", but it also makes him look like this is the cause of being dipped into radioactive material or something. 

The last person that I want to mention is Ri Jin's brother Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon) who has some parallels to Do Hyun. Ri On has his own alter but in the sense that he is a mystery writer that goes by the pen name Omega. The reason that he is interesting is because he has a whole secret wall in his room devoted to Do Hyun and his family's life. In the first episode we learn that there was a car crash that killed the chairman (Do Hyun' grandfather) and his daughter-in-law, then his son dies in a suspicious house fire, but the grandson (Do Hyun) is rescued. 

This house fire seems to have something to do with Do Hyun's alters as well. Se Gi confronts a psychiatrist who thought he was talking to Do Hyun. He said that the alters are a defense mechanism and Se Gi threatens the doctor to not let Do Hyun remember his past or he would kill himself, thus killing Do Hyun. 

In these first two episodes we have seen a lot of layers in our characters and a lot of emotions have been played out. There is the serious side of Do Hyun battling all of his demons but there is also lightheartedness from Ri Jin who is definitely in for a bumpy ride when she eventually starts treating Do Hyun especially since Park Se Gi has a crush on her and would just like to generally crush Do Hyun.

I am also interested in meeting the other alters because there are three other we don't know anything about and from a picture I saw, one seems to be some sort of manchild. That should be interesting.

~ Alora   

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