Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Block B - Bastarz Conduct Zero Teaser Review

I don't usually write about teasers because there is not a lot to say, but I feel like this is a special moment and I haven't been writing much about K-pop lately. There have been some good songs but nothing that I have been dying to write about. Maybe this can be a new thing.

I like that Seven Seasons decided that April 1 was the perfect day to release this teaser.

They would do that.

The first teaser gave absolutely nothing away either. Classical music and and the Block B "B"? Yes. Thank you Seven Seasons that really helps my general mistrust of the world around the questionable time the is April Fool's.

Then, the next teaser is literally the same thing. Maybe it was to let people know that the first teaser wasn't a load of crap.

Then we go a complete 180 and all of a sudden this sick beat comes from nowhere and there are lingerie clad women who look like they are about to mess someone up and that person in question is going to like it.

While the confusion still lingers, it is over run with excitement. I am still hoping that this will be the year that we get a new Block B album, but I will totally accept a rockin' subunit. I mean, look at this.

I do think that is it weird that PO was chosen to be in a group with the dancers when that boy is one of the stiffest human beings ever. Maybe he went to some yoga classes to prepare for this subunit.

As for the official first teaser. It is Tuesday yet? I am not much of a "pause in the middle of music videos" type of person but a second in and I was done. I love it when PO sings. Love it. He has a very unique voice that I notice a lot of rappers have. The "I can sing, but I'm not a singer" voice if that makes sense. Then for a hot second I thought Zico was doing some sort of voice over until I realized it was U-Kwon. B-Bomb doesn't seem to do anything in the teaser, so I'm interested to hear his part when the song actually drops.

I hope that this isn't going to be a case of a super hyped teaser and then a lack luster video. Zico is producing it though and I have never been disappointed with anything by Block B. The video also looks like there are also going to be actual girls and they aren't going to turn into ostriches at the last second.

Begin the countdown to the debut!

~ Alora  

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