Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Girl Who Sees Smells First Impressions

For a drama that I wasn't completely sold on, I really like it so far. I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to watch this because it sounded so odd and the teaser trailers weren't really doing it for me either. The trailers were kind of cheap and the story synopsis sounded cheesy and weird. I still hold to both of those above statements, but now that I am seeing everything in action I can say that my first impression was wrong. I like it!

Just to get something out of the way, once again Kim So Hyun is the girl that gets smacked around and (this time) murdered. I haven't seen everything that she has ever done, but I think that everything I have seen seems to turn out bad for her or she is a nasty character. Not to say that she doesn't do it very well, but she has played some ill fated characters.

Now that that is off my chest, this drama is a lovely mix of funny and dark that seems to be the trend in a lot of dramas that I have watched lately.

This drama is about Mu Gak (Yoochun) who lost his sister Eun Seul (Kim So Hyun) to the Barcode Murderer. Eun Seul ended up in the hospital with minor injuries from a bus accident but there was another Eun Seul (Shin Se Kyung) in the hospital. This Eun Seul happened to come home when the Barcode Murderer was abducting her parents. She sees him and while escaping gets hit by a car and ends up in the hospital too. The murderer follows her there and ends up killing the wrong girl.

I think that this is a interesting concept because it doesn't seem contrived or make me say "of course they have the same name in the same hospital because: Korea". No! This seems like something that could legitimately happened and it is a tragic event that I am excited to see play out.

"But that sounds dark and tragic!" I can hear you say, and yes it is but there are wonderful laugh out loud funnies throughout. Eun Seul (who is given the new name Cho Rim after coming out of a coma with no memory) wants to be a member of a comedy troupe and is forcing the no nonsense Mu Gak to her her partner. She also sees smells which are represented as the colors and sparkles that you would see around faeries.

One good example of how these two opposing forces are brought together is in the first episode. Mu Gak is in pursuit of a suspect who gets in a car and drives away. He decides to take Cho Rim's car for an intense chase which ends with Mu Gak, in his haste and absolute seriousness, trying to jump out of the car with his seat belt still on. It's little things like this that makes this drama endearing but also making you want to come back to discover what happens.

Like the car chase, the drama is also moving along at a quick pace which is wonderful. A drama that begins with a mistaken murder, amnesia, and a mutual ignorance of the past could have an incredibly slow start. When will they meet? When will the discover the secret? Maybe now! Maybe never! Our main players let in the first episode, the name Eun Seul has already been dropped (but that's it) and Mu Gak and Cho Rim are already working on a case together. I like it. Please keep this pace writers.  

Lastly, I want to mention the chemistry between our main couple. It has only been two episodes and I are ready to go down with this ship. They have already had a couple "Love is the Moment" moments and it didn't bother me. Sometimes when a drama throws our couple together right from the start it can feel forced. Here it doesn't feel like they are pushing love so much as a "this person that I am hanging around with id quite attractive" angle and let's be honest, the two of them are quite attractive.

All I have to say is go, drama, go! If the first two episodes are any indication, we could have a winner on our hands. Or maybe under our noses?

~ Alora

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