Thursday, March 6, 2014

Battle of the Girl Groups: Girls' Generation and 2NE1 MV reviews

Since two amazing girl groups decided to drop videos at the same time I though that I would change it up a bit and do a joint review. This isn't going to be a one is better than the other type of deal but since I am talking about them together, I will say what I like better in one video rather than another.

How are the songs? 

After listening to both songs once, I was immediately drawn to the Girls' Generation song more. Not that I don't like 2NE1's song, but it wasn't a slap of awesome to the face like Girls' Generation song was. It took me a few listens to really enjoy 2NE1's. I also think that it is a little that I don't really listen to reggae music and that is the sound that 2NE1 has been going for recently. 

Something that I really like about the sound that SM often produces is that there are so many layers. You really hear that a lot in the SHINee songs, which I love, and Girl's Generation. They are a group and they sing as a group. They have nice harmonies with the occasional wailing ad lib in the background. Fabulous.

2NE1 doesn't have this cohesiveness, but that is okay because that's not their sound. If everyone sounded the same then music wouldn't be as fun. This is also what makes older groups better in my opinion. They have been around longer so they know who they are and they have been able to define themselves in a way that the rookies groups haven't and sometimes, unfortunately, can't.  

I'm feeling a little sappy now.

But, anyways, I quite liked these comebacks and even though I haven't listened to the albums yet, I am looking forward to it. Just from the songs that have been made into music videos, I think that I will like Girl's Generation's album better, but who knows, maybe 2NE1 will blow my mind as they have so much in the past.

How are the videos? 

As far as videos go, I don't know if I can say that I like one over the other. I liked all the bright colors in Girl's Generation's video, but then the video looked like there was a story, but maybe there wasn't. 2NE1 did have a story but there were so many graphics that it totally threw me off as to what I should be looking at and what was important and what was just there to be cool.

So in the 2NE1video there is some sort of "Virtual Paradise". It appears to be a giant screen that sits in the middle of the city. We also get a glimpse of it from a window that might belong to the apartment that Dara is living in.

Dara and her significant other are living in a boring apartment watching tv when a "Virtual Paradise" commercial comes on. The guy is interested but Dara looks worried. He also appears to be sick in a later shot. Does he think that going to this virtual place will be better than being in a real place?

But then we meet vigilante CL with her crazy earrings who does not seem pleased with this whole "Virtual Paradise" thing.

In the end Dara's guy friend goes to the Virtual Paradise and she watches and then eventually she unplugs him from he machine. I wonder if that means that she killed him or if he will come out of it. Then, if he does come out of it, will he be happy with what she did to him?

The 2NE1 girls then end up going into the Virtual Paradise and kill a room full of people. Who are these people? Are they the creators of this Paradise? Does this mean that this dystopian society that they seem to live in has been overthrown?

I want to know how this story ends now. Many times, dystopian stories end with the hero running for his or her life or being brought back down by the government. I would like to that this ends with a V for Vendetta tone that a 1984 tone.

How's the styling? 

This is the styling that I wish was used more in female K-pop videos. It is so easy to say that sexy is minimal clothing and lingerie and it can be of done properly. I really liked the Kiss & Cry video and those girls were wearing shorter clothing but what made it more than just a gimmick is you could see their confidence. They weren't feeling themselves up and rolling on the ground, they were powerful and that is what you get in these videos. Power.

When Girls' Generation came out in those masculine style outfits I was in love. I want that outfit, even though skinny jeans make me feel claustrophobic.

In 2NE1's videos there were quite a few outfits but the only ones that they wear as a group were their rebellion outfits.

There is nothing traditionally sexy about these baggy, black, I'm-going-to-kill-you outfits, but because of the way that they are holding themselves, they become sexy.

More of this please!

Were the dances super amazing?

Wow, Girls' Generation. That dance was amazing, at least what I saw of it was. I wish that there was more dance scenes in this video because they looked incredible. If there is one thing that SM artists have on YG artists it is definitely the ability to bust a move. Not that YG doesn't have any dancers, but you can nine times out of 10 expect a dance that with blow your mind from SM (please say that in the "Mr. Simple" style).

Which members owned it? 

I've never taken the time to really get to know Girl's Generation, but just from the few things that I have seen and from music videos, I really like Hyoyeon. I'm not sure why, but I've always been drawn to her and I liked that she was placed from and center in this video so she could be the star for a moment

As for 2NE1, I have always loved Dara. She's so cute and strange, how can you not? I love that in this video she looks so natural. She doesn't have cracked out hair and make up.

She is definitely one of those lucky people that can pull anything off and YG uses that to their advantage. Unfortunately how pretty she is can be masked by the insanity that is put upon her.

Did the English make you ears bleed?  .

YG is almost expected to have impeccable English since Bom and CL both are fluent and they did not disappoint this time either. Girls' Generation is another story though which seems odd since Jessica and Tiffany also are English as a first language speakers. Fortunately for them, the English in "Mr. Mr" was very good. Let's hope that YG makes this a trend in their songs this year.

~ Alora

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