Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter K-pop Favorites

It's spring! Hooray! Even though I don't feel like I can really say that because it has been raining all winter here in Utah so there hasn't really been any snow for me to curse at like there was last year.

Over these past three winter months, there have been quiet a few songs that have come out that I loved but unfortunately couldn't write about because that would be ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like I can hardly get one post out.

Something that I have also come to - not really realize, but maybe come to a deeper understanding - is that some of he best music is the stuff that you have to go digging for. Most of these videos, with the exception of SPICA who is at a little over a million views, don't have very many views. Their view counts are sitting at five digits or the low six digits and that is an absolute travesty! A travesty I say! 

Before we really begin I realize that this isn't all K-pop, it is a mish-mash of K-pop and various other things. My main issue with Korean music is that I don't know what it truly popular in Korea because it is easier, as an international fan, to find things that are heavily publicized and just because you have a lot of money, does not mean that you are the most popular person out there.

In this post I am talking about songs that don't have a high view count on Youtube that people should definitely be watching and listening to because these songs are awesome.   

Wax - Coin Laundry (Never Loved)

This song is absolutely gorgeous and the video is heart wrenching, sounds like a winning combination, yeah? This video could probably be made into some horribly romantic tear jerking melo, heck it probably already is and I think that I would like to stay as clear as I can from that story. This four and a half minute video is enough for me.
Royal Pirates - Drawing the Line  

Upon first listen, this song grabbed me faster than "Shout Out" did. Where "Shout Out" was kind of electronic, this song has more of a traditional sound but it is still a Royal Pirates song. I think that says a lot about a group if they can completely change their sound from one album to the next but still stay true to who they are as a group. 

SPICA - You Don't Love Me 

That intro though. These girls can SING and it's too bad that they aren't that popular in the K-pop world. They have definitely become more popular since "Tonight" though which was also a fantastic song. I also like that they can be sexy but also funny, i.e those butt pads. This video is full of contrasting scenes of one moment they are looking might fine and then the next there is someone squatting in front of a toilet and pouring Lucky Charms on their head. What?
Yoo Seung Woo - Hesitating Lips

I am not ready for Yoo Seung Woo to shed his adorableness and become an adult! He's just so cute with his bowl cut and his guitar! I was hesitant at first because it is a ballad and the teaser was two people looking longingly at each other. Oh yeah, that's super original. This song is actually really good though and I don't mind looking at that male actor who I only know as Man Won from Golden Rainbow, he is a fine looking human being.
SPEED - Don't Tease Me

SPEED has never really done it for me, but for some reason I really like what they have been doing lately. This is the first song that caught my attention as had their most recent song "Zombie Party". And while we're on the topic of "Zombie Party", are they filming in the same decrepit old building that Block B fimled "Nalina"? It's too bad that "Don't Tease Me" didn't get a real music video because it could have been awesome if they went with this circus theme. If anything, this dance was a-ma-zing. 

Boys Republic - Video Game 

This group debuted middle of last year and their song was okay but it didn't blow my socks off and cause me to fall in love with them, but I was slightly interested in their future ventures and I must say, I quite like this song. The song itself isn't life altering and I'm not going to devote my life to Boys Republic, but I will continue to listen to this song and continue to watch them. After reading what I wrote I realize that this is like a gigantic backhanded compliment. I feel bad now, go listen to this song, it's pretty good.

UglyPumpkin - From Yesterday 

These guys just debuted and I am kind of in love with them and when I say "kind of" I mean super in love with them. This was also my song last week because last week kind of sucked and may I say, I played this an obscene amount of times and I still kind of am. It also makes my heart happy that there is a little round guy in a group that has so much potential to be amazing. The video is also really chill with the three of them goofing off and looking to be enjoying the creation of their debut video.

Space Cowboy - Falling  

This song is one of those beautiful examples of autotune used well. When I first listened to it I thought of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" mixed with a little Daft Punk and something beautiful was created. Listening to this song I can see this story being created of two people meeting in a smokey bar and then hooking up  later. Nothing I have said makes any sense for me to say because I don't really believe in doing any of that, but that's what I think of.
40 - Counting Stars 

What is this song that has just graced my ear drums with its presence? I got goosebumps the first time I listened to this song and still do after listening to it multiple times later. This man has the voice of an angel and he made this entire song by himself and he plays the piano. So, basically, this man is perfect. Perfect! Darn him! So, what I'm trying to say is that you need to drop everything right now and go listen to this song.

And there you have it! Some wonderful people whose talent needs to shared with the masses! You know what to do! Go! Go! Go!

~ Alora

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