Thursday, March 13, 2014

CN Blue Can't Stop MV Review

How's the song? 

So, this is a little embarrassing, but this was suppose to get put up two weeks ago and time got away from me and I was unable to finish it. This week though nothing really spoke to me so I get to put this up instead of just letting it fall deeper and deeper into the unfinished post section of blogger. Anyways......on to the post!

After much hemming and hawing between this song and Boy's Republic's new song "Video Game" I (obviously) chose CN Blue. I don't know anything about Boy's Republic, neither is it likely that I will take the time to learn anything, but this song is really catchy and I have listened to it quite a bit. Maybe next time Boy's Republic, maybe next time.

One of the first things that initially put me off of this song is that it is a little slow in the beginning and, as we all know, I am not the biggest fan of ballads. I need something that I can move to, not something that is going to put me to sleep. This song does eventually pick up though and that is one of my favorite parts, the slow swell into the peppy sound of the chorus.

Something that I regret but have never actually taken the time to remedy is learn more about CN Blue. The only song that I have of theirs is "I'm a Loner" but I have listened to other songs that I like and I watched a concert performance once on Youtube and was absolutely blown away by their stage presence.

How's the video? 

Before getting into the video I would like to point out that Mr. Brohoho has made yet another sale with the creation of this song.

This video had some really beautiful sets. Everything had a very romantic feeling which fit with the message of the song. My favorite room that CN Blue played in was the last one with all the flowers and the smoke machine.

Between the roses, fog, and old looking structure I was sold on this area. I also think that it is cool that Minhyuk is in the front rather than tucked in the back and this is also my favorite piano that Yonghwa plays. I don't really like painted pianos and the first one was pretty, but I like the old look of this piano. I also think that this one would sound amazing because of it oldness (even though it just looks old more than likely). I really want to play it!

For the story of the video, it was very Through the Looking Glass or The Mirror of Her Dreams with the lover on the other side of the mirror story. Even though Alice doesn't have a mirror lover, that's in the other book. If you are talking about the SyFy miniseries Alice though, Alice and Hater totally had a thing. 

It also made me wonder if Yonghwa and the girl ever actually met because aside from that last scene when we Yonghwa step through the glass to meet her. Even then though, we only saw the back of his head as he looked at her. Even the shot above could easily be manipulated so that it looks that they are on the same set. If I was that girl and I didn't get to meet CN Blue but was featured in their video, I would be a little upset.  Who's with me?

How's the styling?  

There were a lot of different types of suits in this video and along with the last set being my favorite set, those dark suits were also my favorite suits.

Something that I did not like though was the sock situation in the second set.

I am a firm believer in guys matching their socks to their dress pants and that is totally not happening in this video. The bassist has white pants with black socks and I am pretty sure that the guitarist is wearing white socks with his black pants.

I going to say that maybe I can deal with the black sock/white pant deal that happening, maybe it could be "artsy" or something, but white socks and black pants is a no-no. Go fix that.

Is the dance super amazing? 

Is is one of the reasons that I liked "Video Game" better, it's a dance video and it's kind of hard to get down while you are wielding an instrument or sitting behind one. The instrument wielding is amazing though.    

Which member owned it? 

Even though Yonghwa was the main character and singer in this video, I don't feel like CN Blue is Yonghwa and the Boys how I often feel that LED Apple can sometimes be Hanbyul and the Boys.

I don't know a lot about CN Blue, but I feel like I should be attracted to Yunghwa because I love guys who play the piano or Minhyuk since he was one of the things that I actually liked about Heirs and drummers are awesome. But no! I was not drawn to either of them! I was most attracted to Jongshin who plays the bass. I didn't even know his name until about a minute ago when I looked it up.

I really like the way that bassists stand with that relaxed to-cool-for-you stance. Bassists are also the member of the band that tend to be forgotten, but without that person, there is a definite difference in the sound of the song.

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

CN Blue and English always makes me think of this video, oh Yonghwa.The English in this song is very good though, as is Yonghwa's French pronunciation for that matter. 

~ Alora

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