Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BTOB Beep Beep MV Review


How's the song? 

Even though it's not totally my style, I really like the old school hip hop/R&B sound that BTOB often goes with. This song has also helped me to decide that Eunkwang is my favorite vocal member of the group. I don't know what it is about his voice, but I love it, I could listen to him forever. Also, Peniel got lines! And not just a random English rap (I do love the backpack/shoulder strap rap though) or backing vocals, he got to sing a part of the song! Granted, it wasn't a long part, but baby steps. 

Staying on the topic of fabulous vocals, I love listening to BTOB sing because they all sing so well. I also like they they will often just bust out into random acapella numbers and it is like the angels have descended and are singing to you. 

Something that I think was done well in this song were the distribution of parts. Minhyuk and Ilhoon did both have longer rap sequences, but they didn't dominate the video. They had their moment and then didn't really show up again. I did notice that Hyunsik didn't get as many parts as usual in this video. Sungjae sang quite a bit though. His falsetto was pretty great at the bridge too, as was Changsub's at the end. Angels. Can you hear them?

How's the video? 

BTOB looked like they were having so much fun filming this video. From what I have seen of BTOB in their various shows, they are a fun and crazy group and I am glad that that could be incorporated into their video.

Something that I noticed as I was taking screen shots is a weird moment at the beginning of the bridge. BTOB are all gentlemaned out and looking very serious and mature, except for one person. Can you spot him?

Peniel has either put a kick me sign on Eunkwang's back when Eunkwang was in piano mode or he has just understood the punchline to a joke that someone told him a few days ago. I'm sure that we have all had one of those moments.

Other parts in the video that I really liked were:

The Grease Lightening set 

This face that Changsub made, and really anything that happened when he and Peniel were in this car. Question, why is this car the only lefty the other two are "normal" cars?

Sungjae's I'm-going-to-run-you-over face

What is even happening in this shot? 

I don't have a picture for this last one but everything that happens at the 3:18-3:22 mark. It looks like Sungjae is doing the "30 Sexy" dance, then Peniel is off dancing in his own little world, and then Sungjae gets a hold on the camera and channels GD a la "Crayon". 

The end of the video reminds me a lot of the end of Block B's "Very Good" when they are all off doing their own thing and there just happens to be a camera capturing it all. This video does have more structure than "Very Good", but only by a little.

How's the styling? 

There is a particular styling that has a special place in the hearts of the F4Plus1, especially Murphy's. It started in SHINee's video "Sherlock" when Key was rocking some shorts over leggings. She also has a great love for Key which helps. 

She even wore this type of look one day and made a point to mention to us that she was dressed in the Key "Sherlock"  fashion. Why is this relevant? Because of Sungjae.

He is taking it to another level by wearing those plaid shorts over what looks like the dress pants from the piano scene. Other members who were also rocking this look were Ilhoon, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Hyunsik. So, basically almost everyone.

Is the dance super amazing?

Since there hasn't been a live performance of "Beep Beep" yet, I don't know what the whole dance looks like, but what I do see, I like it. I also kind of hope that they drive those cars during a performance but that seems like something that would happen more at a concert than on a music show. 

The main move of the dance was the drive and beep movement. Very appropriate.

It's a fun movement and it is easily copied which will be a good thing for the fans that like to dance along to the music. 

Which member owned it?  

This video was a lot more even camera wise, especially after "Thriller" which was definitely Ilhoon's video. Since I didn't feel like anyone particularly domionated the video here is a picture of Changsub, since he's my favorite. 

Not going to lie, this picture actually freaks me out a little, but it is very much a Changsub face, so I just went with it. 

Does the English make your ears bleed?  

I always have high hopes for BOTB's English, mostly because Peniel is from Chicago and that would be embarrassing if they were sputtering nonsense, particularly him. 

There is one line that is a littel weird though at the the beginning when Ilhoon does his normally introductory piece and he says "B to B in the place to be", which now that I type it out sounds a little better than it did a moment ago, but I still find it a little weird.

~ Alora

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