Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Golden Rainbow Half Way Mark Drama Review

This past weekend, Golden Rainbow aired episodes 28 and 29 and it has been that many episodes of awesome thus far. This is my first tackling of a weekend drama and I think that I picked a pretty good one. I can thank the lure of Jung Il Woo for that one. 

How can you say no to that face? Oh, that's right, you can't.

The story begins with the discovery that Steve Lee from City Hunter isn't actually dead. He faked his death and found his doppelganger, killed him, and took over his life. Unfortunately, he couldn't leave his days of baby snatching and butt kicking behind and it landed him in jail. 

After his release, he felt bad for his wrong doings and adopted children like they were going out of style and ended with the high number of seven. The cutest orphan being Young Won. Look at those dimples!

The young actors were around for the first 16 or so episodes before they "grew up" and were replaced by the older actors.

All those kids grew up well too. Especially Man Won. And yes, there are only four orphans here. What happened to the other three? I don't want to talk about it okay!

Along with getting older, we get more heartbreak but also more sweet moments which are dispersed very well throughout the show. There are also moments that you would like nothing more than to punch various characters in the throat. Seriously, there are some terrible people in this drama.

Let's not talk about that though because they suck and I try not to think about them. Instead let's talk about the cavity inducing sweetness that is the main couple.

I think that they are my new favorite main couple. The feed off each other really well and you can see that they genuinely like each other. It is also fun to watch Jung Il Woo's character mess with UEE's. He is much more forward to her shyness. He's kind of like a less douchey Cha Chi Soo.  

Then there is the second OTP which I am shipping like mad. If you don't, I'm sorry to tell you, but you are wrong. Man Won's other ship is so far under the sea it makes the Titanic look like it's still a serviceable vessel. Was that weird? Maybe.

There has been a lot of intrigue and changing loyalties in this drama so you are always questioning who is going to get stabbed in the back next. Most of the time it seems to be the "good" people, of course, but the truth is starting to come out and I am excited to see some people get knocked to the ground and maybe delivered a couple swift kicks as well.

Here's to the last 25 episodes!

~ Alora

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